Body Transformation – FULL DAY OF EATING / What To Eat?: Nutrition Plan (Calisthenics & Fitness)

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100 thoughts on “Body Transformation – FULL DAY OF EATING / What To Eat?: Nutrition Plan (Calisthenics & Fitness)

  1. Ok, I'm 14 and my abs are starting to come in but I want them to pop out more, are these videos good for people like me? And I don't link to drink milk by itself so what are some other options?

  2. For my body type where I gain weight fast I can't do your nutrition plan just because I eat a little bit of fat and I retain it even with 5-7 days a week in the gym. So I personally do intermittent fasting where I don't eat for 16 hrs of the day then eat in a 8 hr window. And so far it has been working but not as fast as I would expect but what can I do. Slowly but surely getting to my goals

  3. Me and My friends are going to start gymming. So i needed to know what kind of food to eat, so this video was super helpful for me😁👌👍🤙

  4. Yo, did you say white bread?
    I hope not, if so I'd like to know why honestly
    I rarely eat bread because it's whole wheat and wheat isn't very good for you.
    I eat oats as well and I eat way more than you but I do have a little bit more body fat then you as well. My body transformation is more 6 months- 1 year of straight weight lifting. I do cardio,calisthenics,triometrics,pliometrics and a few other things to.

  5. Your worth subscribing to😁, I'm trying to change, I'm skinny, I lost weight to colon cancer an is trying to change I'm only 97lbs @16yrs old, no way to the gym

  6. Yo Browny. Got a real quick question. If you have a high metabolism, does that mean you don’t have to do a diet like this? I have heard I don’t need to from friends and relatives. Also, do I have to keep eating this, literally every single day for a year and nothing else?

  7. WoW ik wist niet dat je in Nederland woonde !! Super goede video’s en hele goede transformatie 👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Yo brownie,
    Op school kan ik geen ei eten en in de ochtend niet dat spul dat jij eet wat kan ik in de plaats daarvan eten? En vind jij rozijnen mee tellen als fruit?

  9. Your channel grew fast. In this vid you said lets hit 30,000 subs and you have 230,000 within a year or smthn

  10. I am obsessed on being fatty and ugly so can u make a video on wt r the calories should I eat on my daily bases to loss wait r to get a fit body please , please make a video 😊

  11. You know that you supposed to have 2 dog tags, right? Because when you die, one of the dog tags gets buried with you and the other one goes to your parents. I know, it sounds weird and this video is like 2 years old, but still. Just saying.. 😀

  12. guys! EXTRA PROTEIN IS NOT NECESSARY! He talk about it in the video but ive seen people saying they cant buy protein. Protein makes muscle growth easier and bigger but if you only want to loose weight and become fit and slim protein is not necessary! yes its good. BUT ITS NOT NECESSARY!

  13. I eat 2 meals a day wake up in school days at 7 don’t eat nothing but water till 3 then I have rice and chicken or boiled eggs depends what’s at my house then for dinner some days honey bunches of oats with banana and almond milk or sometimes just fruits like cucumber and grapes like under 600 calories a day is this healthy and can I lose weight ? I also burn around 1k calories every day

  14. Hi! I don’t like eggs as much or porridge, do you have any suggestions to what I can eat in stead for that?😅

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