Bodyshop vitamin c microdermabrasion review | best exfoliator for tired grumpy skin | Ananya Bose

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
today I am going to review about Body Shop vitamin C microdermabrasion this
product I am using since 2017 now I felt that this is the perfect time to give up
honest review about this and share my experience I know continuously I am
reviewing about body shop product actually apart from body care products
for skincare I hardly use two or three planned so before reviewing this product
I want to tell you what is microdermabrasion microdermabrasion is a
treatment where they use small particles or small exfoliating crystals to remove
your dead skin those who are having clocked for high
pigmentation uneven skin texture sun damage scar they should go for this
treatment now body shop has introduced rubber or you can call exfoliator whose
result is almost similar to that microdermabrasion treatment it has small
particles and crusts garnet stones which nicely removes your
dead skin the price is fifteen hundred ninety five rupees or eighteen pound and
quantity is 100 ml before buying this product I felt it is really expensive
but when you use this product you don’t need to use too much product this much
quantities enough it’s been a more than a year and using this product and you
can see that I have used this much product and this amount is less you
saying it is for dull grumpy tired skin but those who are having oily or dry
skin they also can use this product like I am having dry skin but after using
this product I never felt it is creating very dryness all that my skin is getting
dry so what it came I am going to read from their website it is saying fine
exfoliating micro particles and crushed garnet stones a remove dead skin cells
to reveal a brighter more radiant complexion the first removes dead skin
cells it indeed removes your dead skin we will understand after using this
product clearly it is visible second leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth
throughly after using this product you can feel that your skin is very much
softer and smooth gives skin a brighter and more radiant look obviously it gives
skin a brighter but I wants a radiant look improve skin texture and tone
obviously it improves skin texture and tone because I got undamaged in my skin
but after using brought almost 60% it got a reduced I
got pigmentation but slowly slowly now it is working and I’m freely satisfied
with this exfoliator so definitely I will suggest those people who are having
very much high pigmentation or uneven skin tones
they should use this product

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10 thoughts on “Bodyshop vitamin c microdermabrasion review | best exfoliator for tired grumpy skin | Ananya Bose

  1. I am going to purchase spf 30 of this product.. I want to know that do that spf give​ you good look like make up…if yes. Then I am ready to purchase.

  2. My color is fair and skin is dry…I was using Neutrogena spf 30…texture of that lotion was white and I never apply make on that…it gave me white glow…so there was no need of application of make up…but that is no more available…I need that type of sunscreen with white glow

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