BSN True Mass 1200

BSN True-Mass 1200
Hi my name’s Dale. Representing BSN here today on behalf of Sporty’s Health. I’d like to
talk to you today about True-Mass 1200. It’s one of BSN flagship products in the weight
gainer category. Now this particular one is probably what we
call or refer to as a hard weight gainer, heavy weight gainer. Ideal for those people
that probably struggle to put on size. It might be very fast metabolisms, they’re working
outside with tools and they’re looking for extra calories. Per serve you’re getting twelve
hundred and twenty calories on this. So it’s a massive calorie protein shake.
Perfect ratio of macro nutrients from proteins, carbs, and fats. Now this is absolutely essential
for both protein synthesis and recovery aspect. You’ve got seven different proteins in there
plus some glutamine peptide thrown in there as well. What this is trying to do is delver
from very fast releasing amino acids into the blood stream down to a very slow, a drip
feed of amino acids. Now that’s ideal for protein synthesis, ideal for those people
that might go long gaps between meals or people that are just generally struggling to get
a calorie intake in there. Well supported though, however, by the carbohydrate
content in there. Per serve this is going to deliver you fifty grams of protein, two
hundred and twenty grams of carbohydrates, of those carbohydrates only sixteen grams
is coming from sugar. So it’s very, very low in sugar content so as a weight gainer absolutely
perfect. Now a lot of those carbohydrates, two hundred and twenty two grams, is coming
from oats; naturally occurring oats. Now this is great for some many different reasons.
For me it’s a bit more serious weight gainer in the respect that it’s got the correct ratio
of perfect protein and carbs and fats in there. So the carbs I can’t under estimate – I can’t
over estimate how important oats are for the diet. Jam packed with fiber, helps with cholesterol,
things like that. These are the things we already know. Put oats in with some protein
powder you’ve got one of the most well rounded, balanced protein shakes or meals that you
can possibly have. This has also been fortified, as I said, with
glutamine peptides. Helps in there for muscle recovery, increasing protein synthesis, perfect
for after training as well. It does contain some digestive enzymes in there and is a high
calorie, twelve hundred and twenty calories as I’ve previously mentioned, so it does contain
those digestive enzymes in there to help push that through as well.
It is a BSN product, the taste is sensational. So if you’re serious about your training,
you’re serious about your results, you are a fast metabolism sort of person, this is
absolutely ideal. So the True-Mass of its own right, still very much the same, around
the same thinking, however it is a lot lower total calories; a lot lower in those carbohydrates
there. So for me personally, if I was to take this
all the time, I’d probably possibly put on a little bit of body fat. I would be more
suited towards this. That’s my age though. So those people who’ve got a very fast metabolism,
or you’re working outside, with tools as I’ve said, this is probably the ideal one
for you. All this available at Sporty’s Health [dot]
com [dot] au.

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  1. Hey, I'm looking to build in size, but keep a really low body fat. Would it work to go on a low body fat 7-12% and still use this ? Or will it counter my diet due to the carbs?

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