Bupa health insurance – Understanding Pre-existing Conditions

When you take out a health insurance
policy with us, we’ll usually exclude cover for any symptoms, conditions, illnesses or injuries you had before you joined. Your insurance is designed to cover
future risk and so any previous conditions are usually not covered. For example, if you injure your leg before taking out your policy and you then need further
physio-treatment after your policy has begun, this treatment would not be covered. Or if you have a medical condition such as a heart problem before your policy begins, any health issues related to this condition
that arise after you take out the policy will
not be covered. In this case you would need to seek
treatment from the NHS or, alternatively, pay for private treatment yourself. When you join Bupa, you can choose to be underwritten in
a number of different ways. Most customers choose full medical underwriting. In this scenario, we’ll ask you to tell us about any
previous health issues you’ve had when you
join. It’s important you answer these
questions honestly or it may delay or invalidate a future claim. When you make a claim, we may also check with your GP that you haven’t had the condition before. You’ll be able to see any conditions
that are excluded from your cover on your
membership certificate. These will be under the section
called Special Conditions. The same process will also apply for
any members of your family included on your policy. New conditions which arise after you take out your policy would most likely be covered. Check your policy documents for
details on what you are and aren’t covered for. Just give us a call before making a
claim to check. You can speak to us at renewal to
apply to remove any preexisting conditions from your policy. It depends on the condition and the length of time you have been
symptom, treatment and advice free. Some conditions such as
pregnancies, cosmetic surgery and the maintenance of chronic
conditions aren’t usually covered under your
health insurance. Check your membership guide for full

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