Burn Belly Fat at Home ABS Workout | 2019

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100 thoughts on “Burn Belly Fat at Home ABS Workout | 2019

  1. I don‘t know Why, but my back hurts every time because The ground Is to hard and i always need something soft to lay on…..any idea what i can do to get a stronger back?

  2. Ur workouts r effective but so many scary tattoos on neck & body…so uncomfortable to watch ur videos bro….

  3. Has anybody else been seeing this add about Dr,Heinrick? https://flatbellyfix662908566.wordpress.com/2019/04/12/31/

  4. Dear Chris Heria
    Thank you so much for this workout video. I had so much fun with this workout. Kaley

  5. Hello…i really love you bro..
    Show me tips and exercise to increase height.. i hope you will…
    I'll wait you bro…
    Fighting..Have a sweet Life…🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜

  6. Bro I was doing the first wrk out for core and mid way I needed to fix my grip accidentally let go and got bodied by the floor

  7. This really helped bc all I fir was a little and I feel like I burned some calories this channel gives me motivation that's why I am a sub well a new sub ti this channel but I think I'm subbed in the other channel

  8. Burn Belly Fat 2019

    Me when the year is 2020
    Well boys we did it, this 2019 regimen doesn’t work anymore

  9. Can i give a question. Im 8% of belly fat in body. If i start now for a month, you think at the end i can see the result? (Sorry if you don't understand but i'am Italian.)

  10. Which belly fat burning abs workout out of all the ones you've posted do you think gives the best results

  11. Well unsubscribe… cant respond to my messages about back surgery start slow get back into working out. Smh ✌ later

  12. I'm so stoked to be starting this at home.
    After my stroke going to the gym has been soooooo awkward. Idrather do everything at home and see the results I need!🥰 much love!

  13. I love your channel, I mean watching you. I think those exercises are too hard to do for girls and I don't wanna look like a bruce lee full of muscles. I just want to reduce the fat exces from my body and to be more tonified. I have to be very carefully with the food, and I don't know what I supose to eat every day that exercises have any effect fast.

  14. The scary part is when he says "dont stop"
    This guy is amazing,he got the right attitude and the right way to speak ,polite and calm every time even if he litteraly gonna break his body lol

  15. Just a thought if you would read this with it being 5 months old. Have some one with you to doing the beginner version of the exercise while you are doing your normal routine. For ones like my wife that can't do the advance stuff, it gets her intimidated easily when she sees you doing the harder ones.

  16. Hey mate I've watched a lot of different videos for at home workouts and I have to say yours are the best out there. You show really good exercises that most people can do and you don't talk too much you say a few things and you get stuck into it, that's what I like about your videos there's nothing more annoying then when you wanna see some exercises and the guy in the video keeps talking and trying to sell you things. Keep the videos comjng mate.

  17. take care of the form. When you do push ups, I see your body kind of in a inverted V. Form for this exercise is supposed to be perfectly horizontal from the floor.

  18. Chris , I wanna start the abs training and fat burning exercises again. The last time I tried , I think by the 3rd day my body was painful .
    Anything I can do to get past that ????

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