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title won one seat over here and i’m back with another informative video and today i’m going to talk about carbohydrates as you can see guys I have all kinds of precious cards on the table and these are my main carbohydrate sources let’s start with glycemic index every carbohydrate source has a glycemic index which is a number that may vary from 0 to Congress that’s number gives us information about how fast our blood sugar elevates after consuming those carbohydrates the height of the glycemic index is the faster you’re gonna get those cards into your bloodstream so we have these glycemic index numbers from 1 200 and high end we can find texture so the glycemic index of death Road is hundred if you infections probably it’s going to get into your bloodstream in a couple of minutes and what happens is that your body produces insulin which is an anabolic hormone and it wants to take out the sugar from your bloodstream if you’re doing something physically heavy activity or if you’re training and if you presume that shows your body will use that sugar and energy if you’re not physically active then your body’s produces insulin and enrolling wants to take out the sugar from your blood first try to store as like a gene in your muscles so basically it’s the carbohydrate and water attached together and stored in the muscle if you don’t like against or that’s already food then all the sugars are going to be stored as fat because your body doesn’t need them at that time and the problem is if you eat more sugar it causes an insulin spike and it gives a sign to your body that it has to produce a lot of things to take those sugars out from your club and after your blood Sugar’s suddenly drop down and encoded hunger we can avoid from this situation by consuming carbohydrates because your body needs more time to digest those carbohydrate sources and it means that you will have enough sugar in your blood stream to use it energy but not too much so if you see the grounds of that shows that 50 grams of carbohydrate is gonna be in your bloodstream in a couple of minutes so if you can sell 50 grams of carb from rice cakes the process will be slower because your body needs more time to digest it all right guys as you can see I have some carbohydrate sources here on the table simple and complex carbohydrates as well these are the carbohydrate sources what I eat on a regular basis as you can see guys I have banana here representing fruits and as you know fruits contain simple sugars mostly fructose which is a special simple sugar the problem with fructose is that your body cannot utilize them directly if you need fructose it doesn’t cause the test insolent elevation in your body because the only organ that can use fructose is your liver actually your liver doesn’t use fructose but we can transform it to sexual and textures can be used by your muscles and other organs and you liver also have a glycogen stores like your muscles have and if your liver store is already soon then your body will transform that shoot those two facts so this is why I don’t recommend overcoming fruits as you can see you guys we have fun here which is another simple carbohydrate source and it’s mostly contained fructose because indeed after my workout when my body needs it and after you work out your insulin response is better to simple carbohydrates we have here jasmine rice and rice cake I eat rice cakes up anytime of the day but I like your cousin jasmine rice before or after the workout when I need fast energy we have here drive+ also simple carbohydrates I cannot mix before or after the workout I really like nealis this is my favorite carbohydrates or because my body can utilize it very well and just feels off my glycogen stores like crazy we have here whole-grain bonds and it’s really good it contains seven point four grams of fibers in hell regret we have whole grain pasta contains seven grams of fibers and we have Christmas here and it’s basically a breath it’s a thin slice of bread looks like this it contains 19 grams of fibers in hundred grams and you can see fiber content place big role in glycemic index if the carbohydrate source contains more fiber which means that your body needs more time to digest and it’s good because it doesn’t call the newsroom spike in your block I don’t say that you shouldn’t tell them simple sugars because I do but I eat them before and after my workout when I can’t use them and during my day when I don’t need pathology I eat whole-grain bonds for whole grain pasta or Miller I don’t say that it is better than that that is better than this it’s simply just different you have to figure out which is the best that your body can utilize if you eat something and after that you don’t feel like you have power you have energy but you feel tired instead then it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t come to those two because your body doesn’t digest them wealth and your body cannot utilize them so I suggest you guys to try these things out and find out which works best for you you have many options to choose from and you don’t have to eat the same food every day alright guys that was all for now I hope it was useful and informative if you liked it please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to share and of course don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more upcoming training and biases thank you for watching and we will see each other next [Music]

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