Carbohydrates and the P90X Nutrition Plan

Hey everybody, Dave here. Another beautiful sunny day at here at Scottsdale,
Arizona I’m just hanging out in my backyard. I wanna take a minute and talk to you about
P90X Nutrition Plan and nutrition generally and also about carbohydrates. Yesterday, I went on a great bike ride; it’s
about 40 mile bike ride, and one of the guys on the bike ride was the
guy named Joe Friel and those of you who are endurance athletes you know that Joe Friel is the author of The
Training Bible which is what it’s called. And Joe is a really well known, well respected
training guru, if you will. He’s also really into nutrition, of course. it’s a big; integral part of all us training. And he recently was part of an article in
one of my favorite magazines, about carbohydrates and where do we get our carbohydrates from. And Joe’s theory used to be – eat all the
starchy carbs you want. You know, pasta, potatoes, bread, all those
starchy carbs. It doesn’t really matter, as long the maximum
amounts of carbs in, you’ll have the maximum amount of energy that
you need to perform the high level. Joe has really change his tune on that. And I thought that was really interesting
to read the article and then, he just happened to be on the ride. And talked to him a little bit on the ride
about this theory of – why not starchy carbs? Why not just go ahead and get you carbs there, rather than getting them from fruits and vegetables? And, the answer really is – what happens to
your body is – your body is very adoptable. You could teach your body to do just about
anything, if you give it long enough and you are consistent
enough. Now, what eating starchy carbs does, it teaches
your body how to burn sugar. Joe’s theory is – that’s why a lot of people
bonk during races – is, they’ve eaten all these starchy carbs,
they’ve got all these carbs in their system, but their metabolism turned into a sugar burning
machine, rather than fat burning machine. So, his theory is that – let’s get our carbs
from other foods that don’t teach our body to be a sugar burning
machine, and instead teach our body to be a fat burning
machine. For those of you who have kind of followed
me, you know that earlier this year I decided
to finally really buckle down with nutrition. I did the P90X plan and the fat burner was
really; in fact it was really hard for me, because
I was a kind of carboholic, in particular – starchy carbs. Monica is Italian, she makes great pasta,
I like bread and so it was really hard for me to give up
the carbs, if you will. I’m now on the endurance maximizer and I get
my carbs back. But, what I’m finding is – I need to be really
conscious of where those carbs come from. Starchy carbs are something that I really
try and avoid. Foods that I like to eat and some of the foods
are covered in this magazine, which actually are really high in carbohydrates, but they are good carbs, if you will, as opposed
to bad carbs. Bananas, for example. A banana, and I didn’t know this, but a banana
has 30 grams of carbs in it. Peaches have 17 grams, squash has 30 grams, sweet potatoes have 44 grams or carbohydrates
in them, pees have 25 grams, and an orange has 14 grams of carbohydrates. And these are what we would call – good carbs, rather than these starchy carbs that are obviously
gonna take you body, turn into the sugar burning machine, rather
than a fat burning machine. Also, wanted to just throw in a little mention
about healthy fats. There is a big misconception, I think, about
how fat works in your diet. if you’re looking in a label, an nutrition
label, saturated fats, trans fats, those are bad
fats. Those are fats that your body can’t really
process. But monounsaturated fats, unsaturated fats
generally, are really good for you body and they really help your body with cell recovery and a lot of other beneficial attributes that you should definitely be incorporating
fat into your diet. I eat a lot of avocados, I also eat a lot
of almonds. Almonds are great way to get healthy fats
in your diet, they are also really high in calories, so for those of you people who are trying
to up your calories and you can’t really figure out how to do
it, check out almonds really healthy for you, good healthy fats
and will help you get your calories up. So, I hope you found this helpful. There will a blog post that goes along with
this video and if you guys have any questions, feel free
to contact me. My email address is [email protected] Have a great day everybody.

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