Carbohydrates & How does it help in Weight loss ?(in Kannada with English Subtitles)

Hi, You are watching Nutri Physician This Channel is primarily about Nutritious food & Healthy living And I am Krishi Somanna at Nutri Physician here to share knowledge about the Nutrition So please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE my channel And to all my existing Subcribers, Thank You for Subscribing to my channel Today’s trend is that We are giving lots of importance to Diet & Health to look slim & good Many gymmers/actors/athletes enquire that they’re not burning calories, even after daily workouts. To become slim & lead a healthy life workouts are not just sufficient You need to follow, the strict diet plans, know about Nutrition & Food knowledge is a must Because to know more about Nutrition, People start to surf Google, YouTube & follow rumours because of this, we get confused as to what to start & how and end up in knowing nothing. Therefore, to clarify on these issues, I have series of episodes in my channel So please request you to watch the videos from the Start …. and you will get complete diet plan ideas And you will be able to crack your own diet plan within 2 to 3 months and it might not be necessary to have a dietitian consultation For our Brain & body to be active through out the day, what we require is Energy So, energy supplying macro nutrient is “Carbohydrate” and I would be running you through…. …What is Carbohydrate (CH) ? …& As i mentioned in my last episode And very important factor in CH & how does it help in weight loss ? CH is combination of Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen… Basically, it contains Fibre, Starch & Sugar These contents are usually in Vegetables,Fruits, Cereals & Pulses Since this nutrient gives bulk energy , we call CH as a Macro nutrient According to National Institute of Health, Recommended Daily Amount of CH is 135 gms for an adult. As per Indian diet, we consume close upto 200 to 290 gms of CH, which is still fine. But Diabetic patients should not have more than 200 gms of CH per day And Pregnant woman can consume CH , anywhere between 175 to 210 gms/day Now let me explain the types of CH There are two types of CH One is Simple CH And the other one is Complex CH Simple CH, also called Bad carbs. The reason of being called bad is…. When we consume simple CH, it digests very quickly & provides instant energy But provided energy doesn’t remain long in our body And the blood sugar level is hiked Hence this is called Bad carbs Also In this Simple carb, There are no supplementary nutrient like Vitamins, Minerals & Fibre Example for Bad carbs are Polished rice, Maida, Bakery foods like pastries, Pizza, Pasta, Soda, candies, etc.. Simple or Bad Carbs are never recommended Because it leads to Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer….. …& chances are likelier Complex CH is a polysaccharide It contains Starch & fibre … Fibre is an important ingredient for digestion and supplies energy through out the day And helps for smooth passing of stools This type of CH, also contains Vitamins & minerals Some of the items like Kidney beans… Chikpeas, Pulses are hard to digest, when consumed more because of lack of enzyme & starts fermentation ….just like how a “Dosa” batter ferments …which releases Carbon & Hydrogen gas And this results in Flatulence or gastric So, Having vegetables (which has starch & Fibre ) , chances of flatulence is less However, According to US department of Agriculture Fibre reduces the chances of having a coronary heart disease & diabetes We have completed types of CH So, When we consume CH rich foods, we now learn its metabolism… When we consume CH, 10% of it, is digested inside our mouth by the enzyme called salivary amylase Then the food containing CH goes to small intestine & CH are then converted to Glucose And passes through to liver by a blood stream And liver produces the energy to the body, again through the blood stream. So, when glucose is excessive, it converts to Glycogen & stores in liver Suppose, when a meal is skipped, after having sufficient CH then, Glycogen store provides energy back to the body, by releasing the stored glucose again Glycogen can store upto 2000 calaries And any excessive CH intake, would convert them into fats. No CH or low CH, Glucose cannot be generated If glucose is not generated, we cannot receive energy to the body Hence, it impacts the central nervous system & results in Dizziness, fatigue, Mental/physical weakness These days, Low carb diet is a trend… But following this, energy supply is impacted and then Protein starts providing required energy to the body, after stopping its basic functionalities If protein stops its functionalities and if it starts doing what CH does, it impacts the kidney & results in painful by-products CH helps in weight loss & reduces LDL cholestrol ( Low-density lipoprotein ) Usually perception is that CH is a weight gain nutrient, but no… consuming , right type of carb , at right time helps in healthy weight & reduces weight too.. So How does it happen ? When we consume the complex CH like fibre rich foods , pulses & vegetables with skin This ensures we feel energised & doesn’t crave for more food We are through with the benefits, now time to suggest what to eat & how much For breakfast, One bowl of Oats with fruits or vegetables, If not, as usual, Upma with vegetables, Dosa chutney, idli For lunch, one bowl of brown rice not a polished rice along with vegetables or chicken/fish/egg Also make sure you have some salads too Yoghurt is also good. For evening, You can have 4 to 5 almonds For Dinner, 2 chapatis/roti, preferably multi grain flour along with vegetable curry, Bowl of brown rice & sambar The reason for this suggestion is.. It is a combination of Macro & macro nutrients This ensures our body is energised through out the day due to balanced meal, we do not crave for junks, hence resulting in losing existing fats too… I have covered Carbohydrates in this episode And i will share any one of the Carbohydrate healthy recipe Thanks a lot for watching my channel & i would appreciate your valuable feedback in comments section I am Krishi Somanna, signing off. Thank you

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