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Hi, I’m Rudy Inaba, Director of Nutrition and Exercise at Cenegenics. We’re going to take a closer look at our Whey Protein Formula that is available in our Cenegenics Elite Performance line. One of the most commonly used products in today’s sports nutrition industry as well as a general wellness consumer is protein powder. A lot of people are trying to find new ways to incorporate protein into their diet to maintain their muscle mass, if not improve upon it. One product that a lot of people are really comfortable taking is protein powder. The problem with it is a lot of the protein powders that are sourced are not really the best quality. By including a whey protein from Cenegenics Elite Performance line we’re actually sourcing products that are from New Zealand, so New Zealand whey is a great thing to use when sourcing raw material to create a protein powder. Not only is it growth hormone free, but they’re grass-fed. These cows also roam outside about 11 months out of the year except for the one month of the year when they come in because it’s pretty cold. Due to this, the cows actually produce a very high quality milk that’s also going to be very high in branch chain amino acids and essential amino acids. For example, 20 grams of protein in one scoop or one serving of our Cenegenics Elite Performance Whey is going to yield around 6 grams of branch chain amino acids with a total amount of amino acids being 11 grams. Having that is going to help you increase more muscle mass, it’s going to help you have a more thermogenic effect from food to help with weight loss, and it’s also going to be a really convenient thing to drink if you’re not eating breakfast or if you’re missing out on meals. Cenegenics Elite Performance Whey comes in natural vanilla, but also chocolate flavoring. For these products, they’re sweetened with Stevia, and there’s no sucralose, aspartame or any other artificial sweetener. It’s naturally flavored where we source raw vanilla bean extract for the vanilla flavor protein powder. The chocolate, as we’re using a dark chocolate cacao, it actually tastes more like a dark chocolate flavoring than your common milk chocolate. Each bottle has 15 servings of protein powder at around a 20 gram serving per scoop. As mentioned earlier, each scoop has 6 grams of branch chain amino acids and 11 grams of total amino acids. This can typically be taken any time during the day; however, if you’re following a structured resistance program, taking protein either before or afterwards is going to be most beneficial to improve lean body mass. So when you’re looking for a product that’s not going to be artificially sweetened, that’s not going to be artificially flavored or colored and that doesn’t have that inflammatory kind of low active ingredients in there, our product is going to be the one you want because you are getting the most for your dollar and you are going to get the most out of your serving. And that’s the Cenegenics Elite Performance Whey Protein. I’m Rudy Inaba. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. A major advantage of protein powders is that they are convenient. In a world where everyone is overwhelmed with a busy life, it often becomes difficult to find the time to prepare high-protein meals of fish, lean meats, and eggs. Whey protein has become a staple supplement for most athletes and fitness minded individuals due to its effects on immunity. A growing number of studies has found whey may potentially reduce cancer rates, reduce stress and lower cortisol, increase brain serotonin levels, improve liver function in those suffering from certain forms of hepatitis, reduce blood pressure, and improve sports related performance.

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