Cheong Wa Dae seeks supplementary jobs to create new jobs

Let us begin with the liberal leader’s efforts
to address income inequality and economic polarization. Jang Ha-sung, the presidential chief of staff
for policy… said the government is seeking to draft and implement an extra budget to
create jobs. “Last week, there was a slight upward revision
of the first quarter GDP growth rate to one-point-one percent. But when growth doesn’t lead to more employment
and the government does nothing about it,… that’s an abrogation of responsibility. I don’t think it’s right to be complacent
about the growth figures. ” Meeting with the press on Sunday afternoon,
Jang said now is the time to set aside supplementary budget to create jobs… a move that will
help socially vulnerable people… whose incomes are declining. Noting that the bottom two-fifths of earners
saw their salary fall each quarter in 2016 and even into the first quarter of this year,
President Moon’s Chief of Staff for Policy said the extra budget will not only help those
in the lowest income quntile find jobs but also those in the second-lowest as well. Details of the extra budget plan is expected
to be announced on Monday morning.

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