Chest Workout At Home For Men (Build Mass Without Equipment)

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here. Today I’ve got a really intense body weight/chest
workout routine. And the thing about doing body weight exercises
is if you don’t incorporate any type of high rep training, whether it be body weight training
or just high repetition in the weight room, you’re never going to reach your full genetic
potential and this is because you’re not increasing the nuclei in the muscle cells. For instance, if you’re only doing five by
five training or just training to get stronger and you’re not incorporating any type of high
repetition training into your regimen, your gains are going to really slow down. Just recently I’ve switched to doing some
really high rep/short rest time, of like FST-7 and doing tri-sets and giant sets into my
arm training. I’ve really seen some progress. So show you guys a little update where my
arms are at. They’re definitely a full 17 inches now. And it’s all because I stopped trying to do
just really heavy bar bell curls and I started doing lots of high rep/short rest time training. And why it’s so powerful – in fact, if you
guys never do body weight training at all and you’ve only been doing weight room workouts,
I guarantee you, try out this chest routine, just throw it into your workout regimen once
per week. So do one chest workout in the weight room
per week and do one chest workout. Do this chest maybe on Thursday or Friday
if you do chest day on Monday and I guarantee that you’re going to see some progress in
your chest. I’m really going to try to emphasize the upper
chest in this video so you guys can look cool in a V-neck, in a tank top, but the upper
chest is usually really underdeveloped on most guys. So this is going to be a high repetition short
rest time training regimen. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is
to do short rest times with this training. So enough talking. I want to dive right into the routine and
show you guys this killer chest workout. All right guys. Let’s fuck some shit up here. Got the extreme chest workout from the convenience
of your very own home. I’m just going right here on my tile. Now it’s so crucial on this, we’re trying
to increase the nuclei in our chest, especially our upper chest with this routine. What we want to do here is go high rep, really
short rest time, really channel yourself. Get that mind muscle connection going and
really feel the squeeze, feel the burn. I’m only going to rest about five seconds
between transitions and I want you guys to do two total rotations of this, so here we
go. Starting off what we’re going to do here is
you’re going to come down. Back up here a little bit. You’re going to come down and your hands are
going to go wide. Back to in. So that is the first one. So really good. It hits kind of the center portion of your
chest when your hands are inside; get the outer portion of your chest when your hands
are outside. So moving on. Hands right around shoulder width apart. What we’re going to do is eccentric shoulder
taps. So you’re going to go down to a count of three. Explode up. And the interesting thing on that one is it’s
almost like you’re pushing off of just one hand because as you’re coming up the other
hand is tapping your shoulder, so really awesome chest exercise. I’m already tired because I never work out
my chest doing body weight exercises any more. Really need to keep that up though. All right, here we go. Now we’re going to do chest taps. So similar to shoulder tap, but we’re going
to go a little faster here, so. And holy shit, I’m tired already. Try this routine guys. I’m already tired. I’ve been doing lots of weight room training
with my chest and I haven’t done any body weight training outside of pull-ups. I am already tired. Next up we’re going to do eccentric diamond
pushups. So remember, on the eccentric portion we actually
going to create more healthy microtears, so really important that you go down nice and
slow. One, two three. One, two three. One, two three. One, two three. And as you can see, really trying to squeeze
that upper chest. And then let me get closer to the camera here. Show you guys what I’m going to superset this
with. What you’re going to do is think of this motion
when you pull down how it activates your pectoral muscle, right after doing those diamond pushups,
what I want you to do is come back here, pull down and squeeze. Isometric hold. Feeling it right here. Remember guys, this is going to force more
nuclei into the muscle cell, really activates some powerful growth. Try to hold it for 30 seconds. And that is killer guys. So I’m just going to do four – show you four
different push up variations. It is really intense, especially if your shorten
your rest times like I did there, so just do this – do this two or three total rotations
and you guys are going to get an insane chest workout. And what you want to do with this too is write
down how many reps you do of each one of these pushups and try to challenge yourself and
always improve upon that score. So similar to – I’m out of breath. Similar to like a compound exercise. Like if you bench 275, you’re always trying
to improve upon that number, so the next time you try to hit 280. Same thing with this body weight training
guys. So try out this chest routine at home. Didn’t want to throw too much at you. I want you to stick to the basics and this
is a killer upper chest pump right now as you can see right. Can’t even talk. All right guys, that’s a rap. But I had to show you these shoes I just got. Freaking in love with these shows. I got these in LA at some like fancy shoe
store. They had shoes at this store and I asked the
guy what the most expensive pair of shoes ever sold was and he said 34,000 dollars. Someone bought some shoes for 34,000. I almost bought these shoes that were like
a giant tennis ball. I guess they were Michael Chang’s shoes back
in 1994. And we’ve got Halloween coming up around the
corner. I am very close to deciding on my final outfit. I almost don’t want to give it away, but let
me know what you guys think of this. I think I want to be zombie Roger Federer. So I’ve got a pretty sick outfit going for
my zombie Roger Federer. I don’t know. I just really feel inspired to be zombie Roger
Federer this year. If you guys have any better ideas, definitely
let me know. And by the way, show you guys one more update
on my arms. I’m obsessed with my arms because it’s like
a genetic weak point for me and I really think the high rep training with the short rest
time is so powerful for getting my arms bigger. Funny thing too – my chest – a lot of you
guys commented on my chest. My chest is pretty big naturally. Believe it or not, I’m not that strong with
bench press. I know I can incline a relatively large amount
of weight, but flat bench press, I’ve never even done three plates or I’ve maybe done
it one time in my life. Working back to that point right now. But I used to do a ton of pushups. I used to do a ton of low cable fly with low
cable fly with high rep/short rest time. I would do a ton of like pec fly. So I would do a lot of high rep/short rest
time movements and it’s no coincidence that my chest has grown really fast even though
I’m not that strong. So even look at the physique of a power lifter
or a strength athlete, you know how they look kind of flabby, they don’t look that muscular
and then you have a body builder who doesn’t really train for maximum strength, but they
just look fricking jacked out of their mind, well that’s because they incorporate this
type of training. So I’m going to dive into some killer weight
room workouts coming soon on this channel. It’s going to blow your mind. And if you guys are really trying to speed
up your progress, this is especially true for guys who have been in the gym for maybe
anywhere from 18 – I don’t know – 36 months. If you’ve been in the gym for between one
and a half to three, four years, it’s going to be so crucial that you incorporate these
types of trainings to really get past those newbie gains and surge past your plateau. So anyway guys, I am signing off for now.

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27 thoughts on “Chest Workout At Home For Men (Build Mass Without Equipment)

  1. Funniest thing bro it's 10 at night and my parents wouldn't let me go to the gym to workout chest. Next minute this vid pops up on my phone 💪💪💪cheers brah

  2. great video ! my son is a backup qb in college. 6'3 @180 very low body fat solid muscle but no definition and no weight gain from Masterson eat plan. The college trainers have the boys eat skinless chicken breasts with pancakes, peanut butter. Still no weight gain! tried 5000 calorie per day no gain! Any advise !

  3. Hey Troy nice video. Hey, what's the best protein and creatine powder you've used? With high protein, and smaller scoops…

  4. Hello sir i m from india i m 23 and my wieght is 105 lbs. Sir plz suggest a protien for me that should available in india and do i take protein without going to gym sir plz help me i am very skinny

  5. Hey, can you please give me a tip? i'm 1.85m tall, 19 years old and i weight 45kg. I can get weight really fast but it gets away faster than it comes. I got like 6+ kg in a month once and i wasn't even sleeping or eating correctly, i was just a candy eating machine.
    One week ago i was 52kg but i'm now 45kg, and i know my main problem is that i'm not sleeping properly which is something that i'm already fixing, probably in 3 days i'll be already sleeping correctly but there's this problem: i don't eat eggs, fish or vegetables. I normally just eat rice, beans and sometimes meat because we don't have meat everyday. Are there any accessible ways to get a little stronger without having to buy all that shakes you guys buy? I'm from Brazil.

  6. Can someone please explain what he means by "increase nuclei in the chest"? From what I pulled out, I believe he means simply increase tissue regeneration, but correct me if I'm wrong and there's more science behind that. Thanks!

  7. How much period it would take to built perfect chest ? (i.e workout to be done to get chest like yours without gym)

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