Chipotle Meal Nutrition Info – Listed vs. Actual

– Hey what’s up, guys? it’s Sohee here. I’m gonna show you the
same meal that I got from Chipotle three different
times. I’ve measured out all the ingredients to
show the true nutrition breakdown, meal by meal. The reason I wanted to show
this was to demonstrate that the actual nutrition
info, calories, and macros of a meal, especially when
you’re going out to eat, is oftentimes not what is actually listed on the website; reason
being is very rarely do restaurants actually
precisely weigh out, measure out their individual
ingredients using a food scale. Now, this isn’t necessarily
a bad thing. I love going out to eat, but if you are dieting, and you have very little
wriggle room in your calories, you have to be really, really
mindful when you go out to eat that you may be eating
more, or sometimes even less, than you realize. So check it out. Okay guys, I got a chicken
burrito bowl from Chipotle, so what I’m gonna do now is
weight out all the individual ingredients and calculate
this meal’s true calories and macronutrient breakdown. (relaxing up tempo music)

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12 thoughts on “Chipotle Meal Nutrition Info – Listed vs. Actual

  1. Oh man! Thank you for this! I always try suuuuper hard to estimate the amount of the food when I go out, but sometimes it's really not worth nitpicking. But this video was super helpful and now I have a general idea on what 200g of rice looks like when going out to eat!

  2. This is probably the most interesting video you have posted! I would much rather have you talking at the end discusing the differences other than the music and seeing the results for just a few seconds

  3. Lmao Sohee were literally twins. I just did this with Flame broiler and turns out the calories are lower than what’s listed on MyFitnessPal. Only real nutrition nerds would do this 😂🤓

  4. lol. this. I used to work in the Mall. We had a Panda Express, when you make friends with the food court folks, they will recognize you, or be super friendly to you, and give you a little extra. I'm Chinese, so they stereotypically give me extra rice!!! lol. This video just reminds me of those days.

  5. Interesting that the average calories of all 3 meals was below their menu's calories. It's actually nice to know that not everything you actually get is going to be 200-300 calories higher than reported on the site – at least at Chipotle.

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