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Hey there! This is Lacey Baier with A Sweet
Pea Chef, and today we’re going to make my favorite protein shake ever, and that’s my
chocolate, banana, and peanut butter protein shake. This high-protein smoothie is so delicious,
I’m sure it will become your favorite, too. Let’s go start it. Here are the ingredients you’re going to need.
Add all the ingredients but the ice into a blender, starting with the almond milk. Next,
blend until the mixture is totally smooth. Now, add in the ice and blend until smooth
again, and depending on how thick you like your shake, you can add a little bit more
or a little bit less ice. And if you like, you can also freeze your
bananas beforehand. This helps to make the shake even creamier, and you don’t have to
water it down with the extra ice. Also, if the shake winds up being too thick for you,
just add a little bit more almond milk or if it’s too thin, add a little bit more ice. Alright. So, there you have it. This chocolate,
banana, and peanut butter protein shake is so good and full of protein. We have it probably
three times a week. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this
video. To get the recipe, click the button on the screen to print it out, and if you’re
looking for more delicious, high-protein shake recipes, check out my Totes Protes playlist.
And as always, if you haven’t yet subscribed, make sure to click the subscribe button, so
you never miss a new weekly recipe video. Thanks! I’ll see you next time. And today…Can we go back? Three to four times per week. I did not like
how that came out. Is that okay… Make sure…That was awful. Recipes, check out my Totes Protes playlist…I
can’t say Totes Protes.

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12 thoughts on “Chocolate, Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Shake | A Sweet Pea Chef

  1. Lacey I'm so happy to see your channel growing. I have followed your blog since 2010 and I'm so excited to see you making your own channel with thousands of followers. I know it will reach a million soon.
    Love from Dubai.

  2. It was awesome, Thank You for bringing this new test in protein shake world. Quite tasty. You are beautiful also!

  3. I generally avoid ice it dilutes flavors. Anyone trying this recipe, I recommend freezing ripe bananas instead of using ice then you can have a thick cold shake without the ice.

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