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[Music] hi there Andrew Lessman here with a little video blog just briefly touching on our coq10 today’s special that’s going to be coming up in just a few days I wanted to all talk about that I’ll talk about Lincoln’s use of coq10 which I mentioned in a will have a little sneak peak for the coq10 today’s special on the day of the today’s special itself we’re just before so I wanted to talk about those things and then also I touch on this another video blog it’s it seems that I had said something in a previous video blog about me being politically conservative and I just wanted to clarify that a little bit too and because I’m I’m pretty much either side of Center it depends on the issue but I’m a pretty moderate person even even in some of my more conservative views I’m certainly someone who appreciates smaller efficient government rather than bigger government I I certainly hope our government takes care of those who need to be taken care of so my views tend to be pretty pragmatic pretty straightforward I think government should leave our personal lives alone as best they can but those are the sorts of things that again what I often say regardless of what my political views are it has nothing to do with the quality of my products and hopefully the integrity with which as a company we go about making my products for a few decades for as long as my companies existed we’ve had no carbon footprint that was an environmentally responsible decision I made because as someone who loves to run mountain trails and mountain bike out in nature I’ve always loved the Native Americans saying and I believe it’s Native American that they say the only thing we should leave when we go out in nature our footprints and the only thing we should take with us from nature or memories so I figure in going about what I do in terms of my company we should follow a similar approach so we tend to be very environmentally oriented I don’t think that necessarily makes me leaning on the left I think it just makes me someone leaning on science and leaving on the bed leaning on the best interests of all of us in this planet that I think any company that chooses to pollute less just like any neighbor you might have that chooses to take care of their yard better and not leave their trash all over the place that’s a better neighbor that’s a better citizen so I just try to be a better citizen in terms of our prenatal campaign I think we’ve given away more than a billion prenatal vitamins that there are women in America women all over the world who at a critical time in life when they’re giving birth to a future life that life is going to be affected by prenatal nutrition so we have become one of the foremost suppliers perhaps the foremost supplier of prenatal nutrients around the world to mothers in need again that’s just being I think practically reasonably speaking being a good citizen so we we try to go about things I think that transcends politics as I often said when I first started my company we do no advertising today but back at that time we did and we used to advertise on radio and I would do these 30 and 60-second spots on radio and some of the most listened to radio shows were radio shows that were either politically conservative or radio shows that were either politically liberal I received countless letters no matter where I advertised if I was on a politically conservative show I’d receive letters from folks with more liberal views and standpoint saying how dare you advertise on a show like that and of course if I was on a politically liberal show with our commercials I’d receive view letters from angry letters from people who are politically conservative that couldn’t believe I advertised there and my response always was that I try to move through the world with respectful views respectful of anyone that I always say there pretty much isn’t anyone that even if I disagree with them that I can’t find some common ground that I can’t find something that’s important to them and also important to me and I think the minute we start getting angry and too polarized too partisan we stop we stop making sense we stop becoming rich being respectful we start being disrespectful so it’s something that I’ve always try to do it just in how I go about business to try to not make enemies to to make friends to be respectful to be compassionate so what I’ve always said in response I had two letters that used to go out and they basically said the same thing but from a different standpoint that just because someone might be politically conservative and you might be politically liberal doesn’t mean that they gave up their right to be healthy doesn’t mean that they gave up the right to use the best vitamins in the world and I think no one would think that just because someone disagrees that they shouldn’t be able to buy the same wonderful products that you enjoy so and I and I said that with which whichever side the the correspondence the letter was coming from so as much as I try to be politically neutral and I try to keep politics out of what I do and certainly I just in a video blog I just did I talked about climate change and climate change is not a political issue the oil companies knew thirty years ago wasn’t a political issue it’s simple straightforward science and to the extent we deny it it’s at our peril just like those of us for decades who denied the fact that cigarettes were harmful cause lung cancer heart disease emphysema we proceeded at our peril if we listened to the drug companies so certainly the the oil companies the fossil fuel industry had in our best interests to keep the information they had at their disposal for decades to keep that away from us and to invest heavily in misinformation and disinformation and that misinformation of disinformation is still fueling bad decisions today bad political decisions that fly in the face of simple straightforward science as I said on another video blog I said jokingly that if people deny that climate change is occurring in global warming is occurring and there very few people who do nowadays I always tell them to grab for their seat because the next thing you know they’re maybe going to deny the existence of gravity and they’re going to be flying off into space the earth is unfortunately a sealed system and we have released millions hundreds of millions if not billions of years of solid carbon and we’ve released it into our atmosphere and much as the oil companies predicted 30 to 40 years ago that we would be doubling our co2 levels in the atmosphere between say 2030 and 2060 they were correct and with it they predicted 30 plus years ago that climate would change with catastrophic consequences they were correct unfortunately they did share that information with us at the time and did their best to deny it it’s no longer being denied oil companies are even joining consortiums themselves to combat climate change in global warming so hopefully this was not too rambling a discussion and hopefully my political views which are pretty much neutral and hopefully inoffensive should have nothing to do with the quality of my products and certainly they do not and my position on climate change in global warming which I’ve taken this position for almost 40 years that position isn’t a result of politics it’s simply a result of science just as I took a position long ago about cigarettes and a lot of other things being sedentary being inactivity doing our best to be at our ideal weight these are just things that are supported by simple straightforward science and I think when we start getting attached to things other than the simple straightforward facts that’s when we can get confused and certainly there were trillion-dollar influence multi trillion-dollar influences that had it in their best interests to have us deny the changes that they knew were already underway so hopefully all of us will band together and it won’t just be a little company like mine making an effort to stem the tide but though bigger companies when they start doing things like I do operating without a carbon footprint those companies can make a tremendous difference on the future of our planet the planet that we’re leaving to our children and our grandchildren which right now that future from my perspective and typically the incurable optimist there is absolutely no reason for optimism right now unless we say human beings eventually rise to the challenge let’s hope we do let’s hope we can and it would certainly be in all of our best interests because there’s no greater threat posed to the survival of humanity and then what we’ve done to disrupt our planet so hopefully back in the 50s and 60s I guess it was the 1950s interestingly enough I think it was a Republican president that created well created the Environmental Protection Agency and so it’s it’s interesting that the EPA is no longer really chartered with protecting the environment but more protecting industry surprising that I would even say that because again I’m someone who is for for less regulation but when it comes to the interests of our environment I think that’s one of those few times where government can step in because otherwise interest is industry is going to continue to act in its own interests as we know the fossil fuel industry did for the last 30 40 years knowing full well the consequences of their actions which they didn’t disclose to us and they’re only now taking steps to potentially stem the tide of those changes so hopefully the future will be bright it’s up to all of us to I think to act locally to think globally as they say and act locally and and perhaps if enough of us act in a way that’s in our own best interests in the best interests of our planet then it really doesn’t matter what government does because as individuals we can define the path of those governments so I hope that was not too confusing and I hope you’re going to enjoy the the coq10 today’s special because it’s an opportunity to get a product that is it’s a 90 percent discount off of the price it was offered at say a couple of decades ago so and I’ve been astounded that we’ve been able to hold our best price ever on this product once a year for today’s special despite the fact that costs have gone up we’re able to hold that price down there if you simply look if you ignore the coq10 and the most expensive reading the formula and simply look at the vitamin C the vitamin D and the b12 and the product which are critical to the benefits you get from this product those alone would be an exceptional today special ignoring the Co Q 10 and certainly the coq10 on its own would also be an exceptional value at that price so a product that would normally be a few dollars a capsule in years past decades past is now literally pennies a capsule so I hope you take advantage of it I make a lot of very important products because all of the products we make are science-based we don’t make a lot of products but the products we make are important products are essential nutrients and it’s hard to say that there’s anything more important that I make hard to argue that there’s anything more important I make then Co Q 10 especially because it’s not just Co Q 10 today you also get the b12 full be complex vitamin D and vitamin C all rolled up in one for an exceptional once-a-year value so enjoy you

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