Commissary Chat: Nutrition Guide Program

So hi I’m Chief Master Sergeant Wayne Jones and
I’m one of your senior enlisted advisors here at DeCA, and I’m Deborah Harris and
I am your dietitian for the Defense Commissary Agency. Are you feeling fit
and ready, I am feeling fit and ready. Why are you feeling fit and ready? Because I’m
dedicated to mission readiness and resilience, so one of the things I’m
using to meet my mission readiness and resilience goals is the nutrition guide
program. It’s actually a point-of-sale nutrition education program that focuses
on key attributes but also with our thumb identifies nutrient-dense high
performance foods, and those are one of the most important items put in the cart
why you just need to focus on lean meats, healthy fats, produce, and you can build a
high nutrition quality diet, all of which you can get at the commissary… nutrition
guide take 427, okay how are you doing today? I’m doing well how are you? chief
master sergeant chief master? I am with the… Wayne Jones I don’t like that, and with
Stuart Allison are… I need to start that over.

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