Como Fazer o Gaet Pimp e Suas Três Variações Principais

What up, guys! Welcome to Brasil Trix! I’m fanno… I forgot what to say. I haven’t done this in a while. I’m here to show you how you could unlock the Gaet Pimp. As you do this, you can learn three other tricks that I think are really cool. So this is a 4-in-1 tutorial. As always, I recommend that you find a safe place to learn this trick. If you don’t have access to sand, use crash mats. Here we got beach sand, which is like a mat without the wrap. So all we got is the foam, the foam is the sand grains, you know. And the obstacle you need is a wall, but it doesn’t need to be like this one. It doesn’t have to be an L-shaped wall, it can be an I-shaped wall. So that you can do the Gaet. You can bury a log or make a pile of tires as well. Use your creativity when choosing a place, but make sure the landing is soft. Because if you bail, which can easily happen, at least it won’t be too bad. The first step to unlock the Gaet will be a variation of the Palm Gainer. If you still don’t have the Palm Gainer, I’d recommend you learn and master it first before trying this. If you don’t have the Palm Gainer, learn the Gainer, if you don’t have the Gainer, learn the Back Flip and if you need the Back Flip, learn the Pullover and the Backwards Roll, and so on… I’m gonna count the you have the Palm Gainer and now this is what you’re going to do… You’re going to do a Palm Gainer using both hands! I think I talked about this variation in the Palm Gainer tutorial, but I’m not sure. You’re going for a regular Palm Gainer, but now you’re going to bring the opposite hand close to the other hand. The opposite hand will help push. You must unlock this Palm Gainer variation and you can’t be afraid of using both hands because you’ll need to use both hands for the Gaet, so get comfortable with pushing with both hands before moving on to the next step. The step number two is to learn how to pull your hands towards your chest. So what’s the goal here… the goal is to get used to pulling before pushing. It’s like when we’re doing a Palm Flip. We first pull the wall down, then we push. Here you’re going to do the same thing. You’re going to pull a little bit before you push. So instead of simply jumping, pushing, and flipping… try to to jump, and if the wall is too low squat a little bit, then place your hands, pull a little, then push. One of the variations you can learn with this movement is doing this trick on a taller obstacle. Something like this high… You can now jump, pull down on the edge of the obstacle, then flip. It goes much higher than a normal Palm Gainer. It’s kindda like this… I remember that the first time I saw people do the Gaet, they were starting it from the top of the obstacle and, to my surprise, it’s a lot easier to do it from the floor. So I recommend you guys to start with this variation in this third step of the tutorial. You don’t have to worry about doing it straight from the top. You can simply start it from here! Basically you’re trying to take the previous step to the next level. So if you were pulling to the chest and then pushing, you’ll now pull the wall to your hips, rise above the obstacle, and only then, you’ll push and let go. Because this wall is a bit high for me, it’s not that easy to do it here. Ideally, you want the wall to be chest-high. If I wanted to make this easier for me, I could put a rock here to step up from or something like that. You’ll then kick up with both legs and tuck. This is how high up you should go. First you place your left hand, right hand, then you kick up with both legs. I’m not gonna kick sand on the camera. Check it out. One… two! The Gaet is like an “ascendant” trick. I never talked about this here at Brasil Trix, but check this out… The Gaet goes up, you know. Once you leave the floor, it feels like gravity doesn’t exist for a few seconds. This variation from the floor is not a drop. When you pull the wall down and rise up like “wooh” It feels just like a Swing Gainer. You know what that feels like, right? It feels like once you release the bar you’re flying up! This Gaet has to feel like that. If you do it right, you land as light as a father. I mean it. It feels like you weight nothing! I don’t how, but it feels like gravity is canceled during this flip. After you learn how to do the Gaet from the floor and you’re doing it pretty fluently on this type of obstacle There’s a cool variation from it that is technically still a Gaet, but it’s done parallel to the wall. It could also be understood as an offset Palm Flip. You’re confusing people, man! Guys, it’s fanno here, please ignore these lines, they don’t help at all. Thanks! This is what it looks like. The first person I saw do it was a friend of mine, Fabricio Sena Shutout to Fabricio! I’m not sure if he still lives here in Brazil. Everyone’s leaving the country… anyway the son of beach, he put his left hand on the wall, then his right hand, and did a Gaet. Until then, we had only done it on corners of walls so that we’d have this room here to kick our legs through. But he still did it. He was able to kick right through here. So I learned this with him. First you put the left hand here, jump and put the right hand, pull, kick up, push down, tuck and flip. A cool Gaet variation done paralleled to the wall. Once you’ve mastered the Gaet from the floor, you can now try it from the top of the obstacle. Be very careful, make sure the you have a soft place to land and that you will commit to flip. Really, don’t open up after you’ve tucked. You gotta be really confident, you know. You gotta be very comfortable with it, doing it all the time, anywhere, to make this step easier and safer. This is how I’d recommend you to first try it. You could drop from a squat like this putting the weight on the hands and then you kick into your Gaet. I think you should try it first from this position (safety vault position) with your leg like this. It gets a bit easier to start this movement. So from here, you’re going to place your hand on the edge of the wall trying not to lower your shoulder, stay above your shoulder like so. Your arm stays pretty much straight like this before you go into this flip. I’ll keep this leg up here before going into the flip like this… One… two… drop the legs somewhat close to the wall, then aim towards the direction of the flip. It’s very important that you don’t let your legs go too far from the wall. They’ll be going kindda close to wall as you go into the flip so that you don’t kick t the wrong angle or accidentally go too far from the wall. You have to stay close to the wall. Be careful with kicking the wall by accident. Stay close but not too close. When you feel really comfortable with it, you can then try to drop from both legs together instead. Guys, I hope I said everything I had to say about the Gaet. In case I forgot anything… I’ll remember when I get home, then you guys will hear a voice in the middle of this tutorial. It’ll tell you some important things that I missed. This voice is kindda like a partner to me, you know. It helps my memory. My memory sucks and sometimes it gets confused, but then the voice comes and fix everything. It then says what’s missing. Anyway, that’s cool stuff. I hope you take care. Train this trick safely. Don’t get hurt! Don’t kick the wall. Don’t bail on hard ground! Train in a safe and soft place. Follow the progressions. [The voice interrupts] Dude, seriously. I didn’t even have to come here. The video was fine. I don’t have anything to complain about it. But in this part of the video, the wind hit so hard, you can barely understand what I was saying. So now I have to dub myself, but since I didn’t say anything important, I’m not gonna do that. It’s too much work, you know. So, thanks! I, I enjoyed making this video. We’ll stay in touch through the Community tab. This is it. Thanks! I’m out. If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button, but if you liked this video, then enjoy it! If you want to leave a comment, then, well, go ahead! During the first 30 minutes of the publication of this video, I’ll be around replying to some comments. Share this video with friends! This is it! I’m out to celebrate my birthday. My birthday’s not today, but while you’re watching this, I’ll be there celebrating my birthday, which is on the 14th. So, I know you guys want to send me some presents through the mail and stuff, but you don’t need to. All I need from you guys is that you don’t forget to tuck! Thanks! You thought I was really out, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t, but now I will. That’s for real, because the video is ending.

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