Creating the spark in the world of vitamins

Did you know that vitamin E is now the most
widely used, active cosmetic ingredient in the world? Or that close to 15% of new cosmetic products contain vitamins? And that vitamins are contained in 50% of all retail products? You could say that vitamins are heroes… …powerful, active ingredients delivering
visible results that create the spark in many personal care
applications. In fact, no other ingredient category inspires such feelings of trust among consumers. This confidence is founded on a long history of cosmetic science. DSM is proud of its pioneering role… …starting in the 1930s with the industrial synthesis and production of vitamins. In the 80s DSM ran the first efficacy studies on
panthenol, retinol and vitamin E for skin care This sparked the use of vitamins in a whole array of beauty products. Today, DSM is a world’s leading vitamin supplier. We also have the broadest portfolio for a wide range of personal-care applications. Our Quali brand represents the passion we have
for the health and wellbeing that vitamins bring And it guarantees that our vitamins meet the highest expectations for… …quality, sustainability, reliability and traceability. At DSM, we are committed to harnessing the power
of vitamins for health and beauty. We remain at the forefront of vitamin research sharing exciting scientific discoveries & such as the use of vitamins to protect skin from
harmful blue light and pollution. Vitamins are our passion. When you learn
more about their power to create the spark in your personal care products & …we know you ll share our passion too.

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