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[Narrator] At his heaviest, Jacob Miller was 15
years old, and tipped the scales at more than 700
pounds. His family feared he wouldn’t make it to
his 16th birthday. His organs might fail first. Jacob had always been a big kid. At
1-year-old he weighed fifty two pounds. Doctors couldn’t pinpoint exactly what
was making him gain so much weight so fast. It wasn’t just food. You know, Jacob really came to us with what I would say is a very unique form of childhood obesity. Genetics had some part to play. Jacob’s dad is 6’8 and 450
pounds and had been a college football star. [Jacob’s Father] As big as I am, I know that that’s not normal. [Narrator] Jacob inherited the height and weight without the athleticism. By the time he was a teenager, he was nearly 6’5 and something of a giant, but the weight was killing him. None of our body systems were made for that kind of weight. He struggled with bullying, depression, and an ultimatum: change his lifestyle or give up on life. [Jacob’s Mother] He can’t go 10 to 15 years because the rate he’s growing. [Narrator] His desire to change was how he ended up at Cincinnati Children’s where he began his transformation. He and his family decided gastric bypass surgery could help save his life, and Jake proved in the summer of 2013 that he could lose 60 pounds on his own before surgery. Then, he became one of the largest teens
to ever go under the knife for weight loss surgery. [Jacob’s Mother] This time around, I don’t know if it
just clicked in his head or what, but he’s ready. [Narrator] Every day since has been a
journey to stay on the right course. Are you measuring your portions? [Jacob] I’ve had a couple issues, but I’ve slipped off the road but got right back on. [Narrator] His care team says surgery help save his life. We’re not looking at just a two-year fix. But it’s up to him to continue the battle. [Jacob’s Father] He’s still a kid, but he has to realize that I can’t do it for you. You have to do it yourself. [Jacob] I have now officially lost over 100
pounds. I am really proud of myself, actually. You have lost 150 pounds! Watch Jacob’s story, hear his video diary
entries, and see how far he’s come in the video documentary, Crushing Weight, at cincinnatichildren’s.org/crushing-weight

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41 thoughts on ““Crushing Weight” Movie Trailer | Cincinnati Children’s

  1. I'm 12 and I weigh 143.3 pounds, which is 10.2 stone, and it's 65kg I'm one of the tallest in my class and I'm not even that fat, I'm not gonna say that I'm skinny because I'm not but I'm also not that fat..

  2. God please you man, you are amazing and i wish i knew you to suport u and join you at the jim. You are not alone and you are inspireing

  3. My family is big. Half of my family on both of my parents sides are fat and skinny. But ever since my dad died when i was little, i just wanna lose weight for him and you know, do something that he couldnt do when he was a kid like me

  4. i exercise SOMETIMES at night super hard and i lose 2 pounds every time doing it,

    my secret is:

    do push-ups

    eat carrots

    drink a lot of water

    stretch you body


    and most importantly: eat small portions of food
    and do not eat things with oil, you can eat fries without
    oil by just using an airfryer if your wondering

  5. I didn't actually realize how big he was until the nurse tried to move his head at 0:58. Poor guy, I hope he was able to lose some weight and is now doing well.

  6. well i used to weigh in at 275.8 lbs my heaviest in my 20s and when i waked up today i weighed in at 242.2 lbs and i was so happy and proud of myself and to lose weight all i had to do is just eat 1 banana and with lemon water everyday when you first wake up in the morning and i just changed my diet alittle bit and it works but it might not work for everybody but hopefully it works in my opinion. it worked for me and last time i was 260 cause i went to the gym alot to work out like group fitness class and then i went down to 260 lbs so now i weigh in at 242.2 lbs which i said before so which means i lost 9 lbs today but i still need to lose more i need to be around 199 or 180 and that was my highschool weight so hopefully this is an inspiration to anybody whos trying to lose weight

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