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 The UK imports around 2.5 million tonnes of soya per year, an estimated eight per cent of which is fed to dairy cows But a Warwickshire-based company is offering farmers an eco-friendly alternative Yelo produces a high-energy feed called NovaPro, using rapeseed sourced from within a 50-mile radius of its Stratford-upon-Avon processing plant  After the oil is extracted, the rapeseed cake is combined with wood sugar to create the product  A recent University of Nottingham study found NovaPro could be a good choice for farmers eager to boost their milk yield  Dairy cows given the enhanced rapemeal produced an average of 1.7 litres more milk per day than cows fed soy  Kevin Ball, CEO of Yelo, said: “We are proud to be championing UK farming and developing higher value products from homegrown rapeseed  “We are very excited about NovaPro, now seeing farm evidence of it successfully replacing soya in dairy rations  “Furthermore, whilst we are focusing on reducing our footprint, with a carbon efficient operation, we are producing a protein feed that, in turn, helps the dairy sector improve its nitrogen efficiency ” Two thirds of the UK’s protein requirements are met by imported protein sources, such as soya  However, there is increasing scrutiny from NGOs and retailers to understand their feed supply chains and the full environmental impact of the feeds they source  By the end of August this year, 87,000 rainforest fires were recorded in Brazil, largely credited to the clearing of land for cattle and soy production  Soy is one of the leading causes of deforestation, causing many supermarkets including M&S, Tesco and Asda to pledge the removal of deforested soya from their supply chains  There is no shortage of Yelo’s magic ingredient – the company claims just 20 per cent of the UK’s annual rapeseed yield would be needed to remove soy from the British dairy industry entirely  Yelo’s production facility also generates its own heat and power renewably and its manufacturing process results in zero waste  Mr Ball hopes more dairy farmers will make the switch to sustainable rapeseed. “We think the use of soy in the dairy industry is purely optional now because we have a preferable alternative,” he said  “If we can persuade all of the UK’s dairy farmers to put the soy ration down and NovaPro up, we could reduce the UK’s soy consumption by 10 per cent It’s not a knockout blow but it’s a good start.”

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