Dalva Ultima Collagen Protein Crochet Hair Install|Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back again
with another video and today’s video as you can see the title is just a crochet
hair install video and today’s hair as you also saw from the title is the Dalva
Ultima collagen protein crochet hair pre- loop. I have it in the style deep twist.
It is 18 inches and it is in the color 1B and as you can see from the large
words on here it says style just like human hair. Now if you’re not familiar
with my channel make sure you click that subscribe button we want you here apart
of this family. But I typically don’t do install videos but because this hair is a
unique hair that you can style just like human hair I wanted to film an install video for you. Now I’m going to preface that by saying I want you guys to check
out my review video before making any decisions. Now I don’t like doing install
videos because people run out, go purchase something because they saw me
install it and just loved it but didn’t wait till my review video and then
sometimes I hate a hair and then you’re like oh I wish I had watched the review
before I actually installed this hair. Please please do me a favor and stay
locked in and subscribe to my channel so that you can see my review video coming
up. Now I’m not your normal you know youtuber out here who’s just installs a
hair and never tells you future plans with the hair. I like to wear my hair out
for one two, three, four, five, six, seven however long I’m able to wear a hair. I
like to wear that hair out and bring that content to you guys. So you can see
how a normal person who wears normal hair wears a hair out. Again I’m not
wearing a hair for two days I’m wearing a hair for two months at some points. So
again please make sure you locked in for that review video which again will come
out probably a few weeks after this video does. So if you want to see me
install this hair just keep watching. So this is the braid pattern I’m starting
with and if you are familiar with my channel this is no shocker to you. This
is literally the same straight back braid pattern I use for every single
style. It gets the job done for me. I don’t need anything fancy. This is my
always always braid pattern. 10 to 12 straight back braids never
does your girl wrong. Now as I said in the intro this is the hair I’m using. It
is the Dalva ultima collagen protein hair in the style deep twist. Now this
is what it looks like on the ring. I will say it’s definitely very soft. It’s very
soft. I’m admiring how soft it is in this scene right now. Now after you take it
off the ring this is how much hair is on the stack and this is what one strand
looks like. If you can kind of notice there is kind of a little rope around it.
This is the pre looped hair. So this hair is pre looped.
So there is a little string around the hair that you can use to kind of install.
So what I’m doing is pulling it down a little bit so that I can install it, loop
it through, and then pull it, and then I will raise up that little string just
for a few strands and I’ll show you what I mean in a second. This is why I hate
filming installs. You guys know I don’t like doing it just because you knw
beautycanbraid is an expert at it. She the best. The goat when it
comes to install. She is you know installing the hair on a model. I am the
model and the camera woman. So I never never can get it right but as I go
through you’ll see what I’m doing exactly exactly exactly. But again this
is why I hate installs you guys beg for them but I’m not an expert at it . I love
sitting in front of the TV and installing the hair. So this is my hang
time sewn up. I’ll insert a video up above of showing you how I get this whole
situation like this but what I’m doing is pretty the crochet needle through the
braid. Putting the hair through the needle. Pulling both the needle and the
hair through the braid. Then pulling the hair through the same loop. So I’m not
taking the hair away from the situation like I used to I’m using the needle to
pull the hair through and then that little string through the pre loop I’m
pulling it up just to kind of tighten it a little bit. I did like that string. I
don’t know it makes me feel a little bit more secure. Although it didn’t stop any
shedding from this hair and I’ll get into that in my review as I’m wearing
the hair right now doing this voiceover I’ve had the hair in for about two weeks
now. So even though that loop is there and even though you know that knot
is there to kind of protect it it does not protect a lot of the shedding. I’m
gonna continue this method using the whole string. So the whole loop as it
comes in the package, pulling it through the braid, pulling the hair through the
loop and then kind of pulling up that string to tighten it. I’m gonna continue
to do that till I get to a point where I start separating the strands and you’ll
see when I get to that point in this video. So after a certain point I decided let
me pull the knot off. So what I’m doing is pulling that knot down. You can kind
of cut it off or you can do whatever you want to do with cutting it you run the
risk of cutting the hair but at certain point I was like man forget it I’m just
gonna go ahead and cut this little string off. It’s hard to kind of pull it
all the way down. So what you’re gonna do is once you cut it off you can have the
hair and you can separate the hair. So that is what I’m doing right now.
I cut the knot so that I could separate the hair so taking it away from being in
its pre loop format so that I could have separate strands so I could install it a
little bit better when I got to the front area. I think I didn’t want those
knots. Or I don’t think I know I didn’t want those knots in the front. So
separating the hair out was really important to me as I got closer to the
front. And the method is essentially the same. I just don’t have that loop anymore.
So I just pull the hair through and then there you have it. And as I got
towards the tippy front that’s when I started doing the invisible knot
method. Again I say it in every video I use the loveth speaks method which is
really easy. All you’re doing is instead of bringing both strands through you’re
only bringing one of the strands through. Again it would be a lot easier if I was
like looking in a mirror instead of a viewfinder but that’s pretty much it
when it comes to the invisible knot method. It’s really nothing crazy. It’s
nothing extravagant and I always do that as I get closer to the front. I’m not
doing that all the way throughout. As you can tell I’m bringing both strands
through throughout the rest of the hair and in the front again I’m just bringing
one of the strands through which is that invisible knot method. One pack down.
So this is how much one pack got me and again I didn’t separate a lot. I
separated as I got to the side. So a lot of those are the pre loop strands. If you
follow Beautycanbraid’s method I believe she separated a lot more than
I did. Again I separated I’d say quite a bit. Half and half. Half the time I use the pre looped
as it is all throughout my head and then in the front I did separate it as you
can see. So in the front I separated. All throughout the back I kind of left the
loop in. Now if you separate all throughout your head you’re gonna use a
lot less packs of course because you’re separating. But if you’re gonna do like I
did and use the loop throughout the back which makes it easy on me. I did buy six
packs of this. I did end up using five packs of this in total. I think on camera
I might have used 4 but later on I did fill in some sparse area so I did in
turn use 5 packs of this hair. You might get away with a little bit less if you
do split all throughout the head. So after a while I realized I was only
single knotting the hair when I was separating it. So after I would separate
the hair I realized I was doing like I was doing with the pre-looped section and
only single knotting it. Which works for the pre-looped section but may not work
well for the other sections. So I decided to start taking the needle away and just
pulling the hair through about three time. So I did start eventually knotting
the loose strands. So I didn’t double knot the pre loop sections because it doesn’t
require it but as I did get towards the front and start separating the hair I would
knot the hair about 2 to 3 times. And to add a little bit more security to those
front invisible knots I’m pulling both strands through at first then going back
and knotting and pulling one strand through. So that’s just doing the
invisible knot method but adding one extra knot in. I highly highly encourage you guys to
check out beautycanbraids video of her install of this hair I will link it up
above. Again she used three packs of this. In this video I’m gonna say I used four
packs but I really did end up using five if you guys catch my review video you’ll
find out I did have some braids in the back that we’re a little bit more sparse
and I did add a little bit more hair. So I ended up using five whole packs. I
bought six used five. She used three. Again she’s an expert I’m a very basic
installer. So again definitely watch her install video. Do not just go by me. I am
playing games out here. She’s out here winning. Now this is what three packs got
me and I think it’s a good amount. I like full hair. I like kind of bigger hair. If
you follow this channel you know that’s nothing strange about me.
I feel like this half braided back is a look. It reminds me of my 90 Styles when
my mom would braid the front put a rubber band around and then the back of
my hair would be loose. That was my jammy Jam Jam back in the day but I digress
let’s continue on. And as I said I did separate the strands
when it came to doing the front because the front of year is also not as full
I’d say as the back of your hair. The fullness that I have at the front
sometimes isn’t the fullness that I require at the back. So that’s another
reason why I did separate in the front mainly. So in the front I did separate
and then as I got to the tippy tippy front is when I did the invisible knot. I
only want the invisible knot in the sections where I you know you can see
the part. Where the part is seen that’s when I want to invisible part. So it’s
not really that necessary as you get closer to the back but as you are in the
front that is when I really start doing the invisible knot method. So this is it fully installed. Let me turn
around so you guys can see it in it’s full installation. Now no cutting
has been done to this hair. So all these jagged edges you see at the bottom. This
is it in this raw kind of format. So all this hair that let me do this on camera
right now so I can just get rid of this but you guys saw 18 inches in its full
length. Very long. Very cute 18 inches. Again not cutting in any rhyme or reason
just cutting out some of this you know fuzz at the bottom. I like to show you
guys how it looks you know in its raw format if you do absolutely nothing with
this hair and so this is what it looks like. This is the hair line. So I did use
four packs. I did open a little bit of the fifth pack just to fill in the front.
I probably would not need that at all. So if you guys are out there trying to make
a purchasing decision you would probably be good with four packs. Three packs if
you use a beautycanbraid method. Again she’s an expert. I know imma get some
dislikes on this video because people are expecting expert level results over
here but no I should have prefaced this but the fact that I’m very basic. I’m
their beginner level people will even put me in the intermediate category and
I wouldn’t even put myself there. I’d say beginner intermediate level. Beautycanbraid is the epitome of crochet hair installation. The best out there.
Different braid patterns. You’re gonna get a lot from her you’re gonna get the
same basic straight back braid pattern that I have in every single video. You’re
gonna the same basic installation pattern that you get in every single
video so that’s why I don’t love to do install videos but you guys asked for
them sometimes and I really wanted to bring it to you for the install of this
hair. Again I did leave it pre-looped in the majority of the back. So that may be
why I used a lot more than she did. Again she separated a lot more than I
did. I did separate in the front so it could be a little thinner in the front
and again so you wouldn’t see those pre loops knots in the front. You could
probably get away with three to four packs depending on who you are. I highly
I highly encourage you to watch my actual review video of this. I had the
same issue with the last few installs where people just bought the Malaysian
curl. They bought the human hair crochet and I’m here to tell you right now I
don’t have an opinion on this hair as it has only been 30 seconds with this hair.
I really stress and urge you guys to really watch my review videos cuz I’m
gonna go in-depth. I’m gonna talk about the purchasing of this hair. I’m gonna
talk about all the gritty details of this hair. So if you wanna catch that
review video make sure you are subscribed again to this channel. Locked
and loaded so you can know when that review video is coming up. Better yet
turn that Bell on so you can really know when that review video is coming up. Make
sure you are following me on Instagram. I also post a notification when that
review video is coming up and give this video a big thumbs up if you
enjoyed it. Give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t enjoy it. I don’t want any
dislikes on this video. Although I know there will be. There’s always a few out
there. If you have any questions that you want me to address in my review video
make sure you leave them down below in the description box. I will post this
video while I still have the hair in. So I’ll be able to answer all your
questions in the actual review video. So make sure that you leave those questions
down below and I will see you in my next video! Thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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56 thoughts on “Dalva Ultima Collagen Protein Crochet Hair Install|Lia Lavon

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