Ddrops | What Is Vitamin D? Why Do We Need It?

When your child plays,
and jumps like a bunny, or pounces like a lion, a lot is actually going on in their body
to make this activity happen. And Vitamin D plays a key role. During these formative years, your child is using vitamin D
as a building block in the normal development and maintenance
of healthy bones and strong teeth. Vitamin D is essential in helping their body
absorb calcium and phosphorus from the foods they eat. It can be difficult to get your daily intake of Vitamin D
through sunshine and diet alone; we’re spending more time inside,
especially during colder months, and most foods contain very little Vitamin D. So, maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D
is important for all ages. Because kids love playing
with their favourite partner – you. Ddrops – the sunshine vitamin in just one drop.

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