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A balanced diet and exercise are the keys to getting in shape. To speed that process along, some reach for dietary supplements, but some of those products contain ingredients that can cause serious side effects. To avoid any problems, the best thing consumers can do is find out what’s in the supplements they’re taking. Just claiming that it’s all natural does not mean that it’s safe, so you need to keep in mind that all the taurine that you drink can tax your kidneys. And all the caffeine that you take does–I mean, it is a drug and they will affect your kidneys as well. For most weight loss products to be effective, they must be combined with exercise and diet. If the supplement promises an easy fix or a no-risk money back guarantee, it’s often a sign of health fraud. If you’re going to lose weight in three days, there’s probably a diuretic component in there, which is not a safe way to lose weight and can tax your kidneys and tax your liver and so forth. So you need to look at the realistic side of things, and if it claims to be too good, it probably is or contains something that’s not safe for you. The Food and Drug Administration has found 72 weight loss products tainted with undeclared drugs or chemicals. Lists of products and ingredients to avoid are listed on their website. Doctors and pharmacists can also help supplement consumers, choose the best products for them. It’s a very good idea to check with your pharmacist and to check with your providers. We have multiple computer systems as well as our general knowledge of products, and it’s best if we go over that formal food situation so that we can put it altogether and give you the biggest package on that. Senior Airman Joely Santiago, Kaiserlautern, Germany. [gun firing] [♪techno music playing♪] That’s the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television, Washington. [♪techno music playing♪]

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