Difference Between Whey Protein And Weight Gainers Proteins l ..الفرق بين واي بروتين و مكملات زيادة

Hello everybody In this video i will discuss the difference between the Whey Protein and the Mass gainers A lot of people can’t differentiate between whey protein and mass gainers Hopefully after this video you can differentiate easily The whey protein is naturally coming from the milk, they’re quick-absorped proteins Usually people take it post workout or in the morning but after the workout is the most time that your body needs source of protein So the whey protein is the best to take specially that it is quick absorped protein Plus that the fats, carbs, and calories comes in low amount in whey protein so this helps if you are planning to build pure muscles with almost no fats On the other side, Mass Gainers they contain more fats, calories, and carbs than the whey cause it’s for totally different goals if your goals to increase your body-weight, and you are not eating enough Then i suggest to you to go for the mass gainers It’s commonly for mass, not pure muscles For example; Serious Mass, introduced by ON, it’s a mass gainer This is Gold Standard WHEY Protein As i said, the mass gainers contains high amount of calories and carbohydrates I hope you found what you are looking for in this video Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe and Ramadan Kareem 🙂

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