Dining with Diabetes Shopping Cart Tour Video: Carbohydrates

hello welcome to dining with diabetes a
grocery store tour with emphasis on healthy eating for those with diabetes
this series is divided into three segments each supplementing the
designing of diabetes program the topics focus on one carbohydrates to low fat
and low sodium options and three vitamins minerals and fiber we’re going
to put some miles on our shopping cart as we take to the aisles to give you
some good choices for your grocery lists during our tour we want to stress
perimeter shopping because the perimeter of the grocery is filled with the
healthiest and freshest food avoiding the center aisles will save you calories
and just may save you some money we’re also going to acquaint you with the
plate method a good model to follow at mealtime it helps diabetics visualize
what they should be eating without counting calories using the plate method
half the plate should be filled with non starchy vegetables like broccoli and carrots a quarter of
the plate should be filled with protein such as lean meats fish or
poultry the remaining quarter the plate is designated for starches such as
potatoes peas or pasta fruit and dairy are on the side the best part about the plate
method is that it’s healthy for everyone so let’s get shopping the simplest way to understand
carbohydrates is to tell you that our bodies break them down to make glucose a
sugar that gives us energy carbs raise blood glucose more than any other food
item because they turn quickly to sugar you’ll have no trouble finding the fresh
fruit and veggies which are good sources of carbohydrates taking over a large
corner on the groceries parameter depending on the season fresh vegetables
can be the best choice for your wallet of course vegetables can be found in
other forms too and they’re also good choices in canned or frozen versions if
you’re using the plate method it suggested that vegetables take over half
that dinner plate same with your cart most vegetables are low in carbohydrates
although starchy vegetables peas and corn contain carbohydrates which should
be accounted for in meal planning speaking of higher carb content fruits
are rich sources of carbohydrates whether you buy fresh canned frozen or
dried you should have two cups of fruit a day if you go for the canned variety
check for a label that says no sugar or packed in its own juices now let’s move
our cart to check out lean meats and protein items the meats you see around
the perimeter are generally low in carbohydrates keep an eye out when
you’re leaving the perimeter this fried chicken in the frozen aisle has 12 grams
of carbohydrate and less than one gram of fiber
if you grilled a chicken breast with some herbs and spices
you’d have zero carbs according to the plate method about one quarter of the
plate should be represented by meat and that includes full
on to the dairy section dairy products are the only animal drive foods with
lots of carbohydrates with the exception of cheese and if you like yogurt keep an
eye out some yogurts can contain a lot of sugar for example look at this label
it shows one serving is 33 grams of carbohydrate one of the leading
ingredients on the label is sugar however this yogurt shows 12 grams of
carbohydrate dairy products show up as a side item in our plate method our
shopping cart continues around the grocery perimeter two breads it’s best
to choose whole grain products the carbohydrate Mountain breads can range greatly from one serving at twenty four grams of carbohydrates down to eight grams
in a single serving good reason to check the serving size of bread some indicate
large serving sizes compared to others 1/4 forth of our plate should be taking up by
starches which include grains according to the plate method let’s end our search
for carbohydrates by veering off the perimeter to the center aisles for low
sugar products beware these items can be costly and not that healthy just because
a product is sugar free doesn’t mean it is calorie free so make it a habit to
read labels we filled your plate with a lot of
information information that can help you if you are dining with diabetes
remember that a lot of the healthiest items you can find are available around
the perimeter of the store so make perimeter shopping a habit use the plate
method not only at mealtime but also at shopping time read the nutrition labels
and be a smart shopper and now go shopping by

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