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We run, swim or cycle. We play football or basketball or do resistance
training. Whatever it is we choose to do, we exercise
in order to perform better, to stay healthy or simply for the pleasure of it. We know that nutrition is important when doing
any kind of exercise or sport. In fact, it almost seems that we are bombarded
with nutritional information. Sometimes, there is just so much of it, that
we do not know where to start or who to believe. We read the books and visit websites and we
wonder about the most recent health claims. All in search for answers to our most pressing
nutrition questions. For example, what happens in the body during
exercise? How do I fuel my ride? What should I eat after my work out? Do I need micro nutrients and supplements
to perform better or to stay healthy? How can I benefit from nutrition and exercise
as I get older? Are you a dietitian or a sports coach or are
you just interested in nutrition, exercise and sports? Do you want a better understanding of the
role of nutrition in exercise, performance and health? Either to provide proper nutritional advise
to others, or to make your own informed decisions. If so, then this free online course on nutrition,
exercise and sports is perfect for you. We, researchers and teachers from Wageningen
University and Research will teach you the important nutritional aspects of doing
exercises and sports. We are not going to tell you exactly what
to eat. Instead, you will learn to make your own informed
decisions and critically evaluate nutritional advises and claims. Join us in Nutrition, Exercise and Sport!

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