Do You Need A Mass Gainer To Build Muscle? | ADVICE FOR HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS!

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100 thoughts on “Do You Need A Mass Gainer To Build Muscle? | ADVICE FOR HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS!

  1. This isn't related to the video….. but I just got a new SSJ5 Resin Statue to add to my collection in the background… any guesses as to who it is??? PS: I posted the picture on my INSTAGRAM!!
    (4:30)- Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!
    (6:19)- 12 Tips To Eat More For Massive Muscle Growth! | HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS NEED THIS!

  2. Accidentally bought a mass gainer…i wanted to buy whey for lean gain but idk..i just let my friend decide….so,now,i will have to use it..i am just thinking of having one scoop post workout.

  3. Who buy mass gainer is like someone who buys white sugar with its 20 times price

    The carbs in mass gainer are worst then white sugar

  4. dudes in my school (11th-12th graders) are as big if not bigger than u. soo hows that work? genetics orr. (no offense 😉 ) im in 10th grade and as big/ripped as u r in the thumbnail. whats goin on?

  5. Bro my height is 5.7 and weight 56kg only shall i take mass gainer or not and recently i started gym?

  6. Mass is only for very skinny guys to start gym lol… after that whey protein is the best option to gain muscle ,cheers 🍻

  7. I have taken MP Combat black label weight gainer…tell me diet to build muscles….tell me how many times should i consume weight gainer…???

  8. Hey scott, i got question for you protein synthesis last for 24 hours after workout, if i take in protein after that time period does my body use that protein to build muscle or it will be use for something else?

  9. As a skinny dude who had real problems gaining weight his hole life, I can tell you this is BS. If you are skinny I was and you want to build muscle then EAT ANYTHING. JUST FUCKING EAT ANYTHING AND LIFT HARD you'll be totally fine.

  10. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "weight gain tips for hardgainers" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Yeyandon Hardgaining Transformer – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.

  11. hey bro my height is 5'11 and my weight is 56 i want my weight up to 9/10 kg what gainer is best for me plz tell me

  12. You can make homemade mass grainer/protein shakes at home, with more protien, carbs and healthy fats at a fraction of the cost. 1 cup oats, 3 hardboiled eggs (remove yoke for less egginess), peanut butter powder as desired, fruits as desired. Add milk/water blend as desired to make for fluid. Scale as desired for prep. <— I won't even charge you for that. Drink 1 before bed and 1 for breakfast if you don't eat a robust breakfast. You can get real fancy by adding quinoa or chia or other nutrient dense foods. Good luck.

  13. i study the half of the day and i cant eat the most of the time should i buy mass gainer to fill the blank ?

  14. Im planning to take a mass gainer..i have true mass and on pro complex gainer on my mind…guys which one should i go for ???

  15. Hey bro please tell me. If i take mass gainer then does it cause any side effects ? Cuz u were saying smthng abt high sugar. Plz reply

  16. Im17 I've just started a gym. Does anyone have any tips about the correct nutrition I need? I'm a very skinny guy looking to build muscle (focusing mainly on upper body for next few months).

  17. Check out this awesome website I found
    Gives you a lot of info on supplements

  18. BSN is a terrible source of protein, preworkout, bcaas. If you want true mass get Bulk 1340. 1340 calories, 50 grams of protein, 277 carbs. This is with 2 heaping scoops and with water.

  19. As a 15 year old in a 4 person family running on £180 a week it's nearly impossible to eat the right things for me. My siblings are all chunky and take my moms side. However I took my dad's side and I've tried for a very long time to change my weight as I'm pretty fucking skinny. But it would require seperate meals just for me and lots of it and it's just not viable. I can eat anything up to 3500 calories a day on dirty foods and not put on a thing. But since last month I've tried weight gainers and it costs a lot less on the family when I don't have to buy as much food and I'm slowly putting on weight.

  20. Taking mass gainers and protein is all about how efficiently your body can use those raw resources. If you want you protein to get from your digestive system through your circulatory system to the muscles it needs too, I’d recommend a probiotic that will make breaking down protein more efficient and a vasodilator (niacin, or l-arginine for example). So that way these nutrients are transported to the various muscle groups with as much efficiency as needed. Plus your veins pop out like a beast. Not taking these daily would quite literally mean, flushing your money down the toilet.

  21. HELP!
    I'm an a macro diet to lose fat. I've been told to INCREASE by calories to 2500, INCREASE carbs to 300g, and consume 160g of Protein a day. I'm having difficulty with the calories and carbs. Can I use a Mass gainer?

  22. I can easily gain weight and can eat in large portion so mass gainer is unnecessary the problem is when it time to reduce the fat god it freaking hard

  23. Impressive muscles in a few weeks

  24. Great videos dude … Not hating but you need to speak a little faster I understand you trying to let us know everything in the end but you sound dying 😖


  26. I LOVE BSN True Mass! Found it through the behind the scenes of the movie Warrior (Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton was using BSN) and boy it tastes great especially chocolate with some banana blended in it.

  27. Only really worth taking to make up some extra calories once a day and one scoop only. Most people fill two scoops with whole milk three times a day.

  28. Everything you said in this video is true. Weight Gainers are good for people who have a hard time getting enough calories from whole food due to a hectic schedule, don't have time to prepare meals or have a harder time gaining muscle. They're good for boosting caloric intake and used as meal replacements but unless you work out and use them correctly, you'll end up fat. Plus it's best to make your own instead of buying one, not only are they expensive but full of cheap protein and carbs, which ain't good for your blood sugar levels.

  29. They helped me bc I wasn’t able to get enough protein in just from lack of time for meals but I tried to limit it to one scoop a day on workout days only

  30. I was 120 pounds when I started and I was a hardgainer but in reality I just needed a lot of calories so I bought a gainer and reached 150 in 1 year. Now I’m currently 190

  31. Some of you guys are lucky because your genes have given you good muscles structure, but what about ectomorph like us who needed heavy fats + proteins just to gain hardly.

  32. Here in the Philippines your prescribed meals will cost us fortune. And the balancing of all the nutrients and minerals in intakes will required nutritionist due to complexity. Not all nutritional foods are available in an instant, that's why we settle for quick supplements. I think they are like formula milk for kids, when they can't enough nutrients in their food, their parents buy those formula drinks. But of course, for adults, it has to be accompanied by workouts, I've also read that taking mass gainers without sweating it out will murder your liver.

  33. Can mass gainer build as good of muscle as regular whey protein cause aren’t mass gainers just help gain weight mostly

  34. yes it is macros is macros 50 grams off protein is the same everywhere but you might get a few more vitas s and minerals but thats it tbh

  35. Hey guys I need help so I’m 5”10 and skinny and about 125 pounds and I been working out and eating a lot from what other articles and videos say you have to eat a lot but I noticed that I’m getting a belly fat . How do you guys deal with belly fat for a skinny guy please help I’m so confused people so I need to eat a lot which I’m doing but I’m getting belly fat

  36. Awesome video Bro! If anyone is interested in watching I reviewed the Mass Tech Extreme 2000 here 😎!

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