Does Vitamin B12 Complex Cause Bright Yellow Urine?

– Does vitamin B12 complex
can cause bright yellow urine? It can especially if it’s well, if it’s mixed in a solution that has the OC yellow color
and the second is, yes. It can because it is a water, we call them a water-soluble vitamin. So any excess gets emptied into the urine. And so with the urine interestingly it interferes with how the light is reflected through the urine. So it can look yellow because
it’s the color wavelength that it affects. I tell my patients take vitamins, be careful. It’s gonna make your urine really yellow.

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One thought on “Does Vitamin B12 Complex Cause Bright Yellow Urine?

  1. after eating becasoule i have bright yellow urine after it, I will read on madicine packet it is mentioned that vitamin b12 is mixed on it

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