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72 thoughts on “Dr. Eric Westman – ‘Keto Medicine – The Practice Of Carbohydrate Restriction’

  1. Brilliant as always The lab test parameters certainly need correction . But you know certain tests such as zGFR that have weight as a component of the formula Does a lab weigh you before a blood draw ? NO they do not …. testing and acceptance of the Keto way we have a long way to go. Too much of “ medical” practice is industrialized… but that’s another whole topic

  2. I was surprised to find out that carbs were the reason I was having restless leg syndrome all these years once I went on keto RLS went away! Once I cut out oxalates from fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds my fibromyalgia got 80% better

  3. Awesome presentation! Only time I can get away with eating a decent amount of carbs is after a high intensity workout and I still get the crash but it’s perfect a few hours before bed

  4. WTF happened to HEAL clinics? I invested substantially because I believe in Keto and Dr Westman's expertise, but I got an email saying the company was closing down less than 2 months after they finished fundraising.

  5. I plan to cover Dr. Eric Westman in an upcoming video, in my opinion he has integrity and represents some of the best in patient care when it comes to the keto diet as an intervention.

  6. Great presentation.. what an amazing dr who is so so humble .. the world needs more Dr Westmans .. My life changed because of our Proffessor Tim Noakes who also read the Great Dr Atkins book .. this is true and sincere work by all these great doctors who have the pure interest of the patient .. i hear and feel the passion in Dr Westmans voice .. the fact that we just need to believe and do what Dr Westman is saying .. Page 4 is certainly the way to start .. thank you Dr Westman and Nurse Jackie .. lotsa love from Johannesburg South Africa xxx

  7. I lost 22lbs the first month and avg 4 lbs per month since then (broke some ribs so for a couple of months I wasn't sleeping)
    Everything is better… Fat loss is just a great side effect
    I need to shop for clothes (again) went from 42" waist now at 36" and I won't be in them long (may even pick up some 34" that I may be wearing next month)

  8. I had a Facebook memory of a plate of potatoes covered with butter, cheese, and green onions today. I replicated it with riced cauliflower this evening. I’m burping green onion all night. Cauliflower is the great substitute.

  9. I started keto and had big improvement but still had bowel issues until I cut the veggies and am now almost 100% carnivore.

  10. No mention of protein, which will keep you out of ketosis, according to Stephen Phinney, MD. However, I think LC by itself has great health benefits, because high blood glucose is toxic. Also, the foods on page 4 are pushing high fat animal products, which are nutrient dense and easily absorbed.

  11. I find that the display of the graphics was too brief.

    If I am reading for good comprehension of important information, I need more time.

  12. I now make coconut oil capsules and take 4 of them a few times a day, just to keep me going in ketosis (I cant stand eating raw coconut oil). Since I don't have a weight problem.

  13. I watch all videos from Low Carb Down Under and inevitably, in the face of so much scientific evidence from a Dr. working in the field and getting stellar results, there will be downvoters.
    The pity of it is they can never be required to justify their stance, and perhaps enlighten the upvoters who have, in their eyes, patently got it wrong as they just move on with the click of a mouse to another video that doesn't chime with their world view.

  14. I’ve been on Keto/LCHF (usually 25-50 grams of carbs) for over a year. I was not overweight, have always eaten what was thought to be healthy (never drank soft drinks, don’t know what a Big Mac tastes like!)

    I discovered all these wonderful Keto doctors like Dr. Westman and speakers and never looked back. Keto/LCHF is not just for weight loss and treating illness, it is a way of life. To me it is neither restrictive or difficult, admittedly perhaps because I was not eating a lot of junk grains or sweets before.

    There are lots of great Keto chefs/cook books. Check out FlavCity Bobby here on YouTube. He and his wife Dessi do a great job not only teaching people how to prepare fabulous tasting LCHF food but also where to shop… and great videos about eggs, cheese, grass-fed/grass finished beef etc.

    Keto/LCHF is for life!

  15. Good talk but you are wrong about vegetables. your list should read: " WARNING! If it is a leaf be very very careful!".
    Vegetables are not only superfluous, but in many many cases quite unhealthy, especially the kale, spinach, beet greens, peppers, celery (very high in oxalates), and nightshades like tomatoes, peppers (also includes potatoes) are really bad.

  16. I agree with a lot of Keto results but the UNLIMITED consumption of animals HAS an effect.

    I have watched hours and hours or Low Carb Down Under and Keto talks and ENDLESS science. YET I have not seen ONE talk about ethics or the other side of the consumption of dead animals, especially on our soul condition and how this will effect us in the afterlife..

    The keto people have one track minds and dismiss the obvious, stay tuned as we will produce the ULTIMATE Keto program combining compassion and ethics with the health.

  17. Not innerstanding the love fest with the FDA Dr Eric Westman seems to have.. FDA is bought and paid and I really do not use them as a reliable source for ANYTHING.. He always keeps referring to medication as things that work, when we know they dont work, they simply mask things and suppress..

  18. Ketogenic follower here: 8 months into it, no carbs regularly, moderate exercise and intermittent fasting also.
    Kept muscles and built them actually, so lost/ used my fat, and replaced with muscle. Keeping active helps to improve also the overall "physique".

    Feeling good every day.
    Even when eating Carbs, nothing to fear, getting back in to the keto is getting easier and easier.
    I have done my research, and switched from "vegetarian" to ketogenic.

  19. How dare you refer to the non-medical professionals as consumers. Could you be more stuck in a Capitalist mindset? How offensive could you possibly be? Do not refer to human beings as consumers.

  20. This is Vivian, do you have any info for rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve lost weight and use CBD oil for pain, and inflammation, no THC but still have flare ups. My back has become involved this month. I really don’t want to take the chemo drugs and have not been clinically. Diagnosed but I have all the symptoms. Tired of being pushed and bullied by doctors haven’t had a good one yet not even a dentist.😫 any recommendations please! I’m 67 years old. My glucose level is around 97 to 110 fasted. Take level thyroxine because my doctor didn’t tell me it ruins your thyroid never took blood test before he gave it to me, then he died so had no knowledge for two years, I need some encouragement🙏

  21. Please spread!! TY!!

    They may be coming for the nutritional ppl esply the keto and carns and fasters now. Jimmy Moore's channel Jimmy Rants is gone:


    The Keto Mechanic – Fueled By Fat Home
    Published on Aug 12, 2019

    Here is Jimmy Moore speaking to a Dr Will Cole about this censorship and more:

  22. 30:29 – It drives me nuts when graphs are displayed without needed info. This graph shows a bunch of bars indicating weight loss with some weight gain but over WHAT TIME PERIOD? Without that key info, this graph is meaningless. 1 hr? 1 month? 1 year? Who knows?

  23. I followed Atkins after reading Atkins for diabetes years ago and my GP told me that he died from a heart attack! So many people told me this every time I bought the diet up. Now that I have the truth I'll make them eat their words. Thank you.

  24. Imho, a sure way to know you are in ketosis , over a weeks time, is by checking FAT percentage, if its decreasing , ( for those who want to loose weight) then you are definitely in Ketosis,
    Because even if you are showing ketones in breath or urine, doesn't meant you are in ketosis, could be your MCT oil shot.
    You will also show ketones, if you are having huge amounts of FAt with carbs ,so fat percentage has helped me understand, it also helps in knowing , whether we are eating too much fat hence burning the same fat we are eating and not burning some of our own

  25. This info has been around for 30+ years now, with study after study to back it up. WHY do doctors keep beating the "exercise and count calories" drum? I saw my doctor a few months ago for an ear infection and he noticed I'd lost 35 lbs since my last visit, at which time he gave me the old "low fat, low calorie, get more exercise" lecture. He complimented me on "finally" sticking to his advice. When I told him I was doing a LCHF keto diet, he got very defensive and angry and accused me of lying! Then said if I was really following that keto "fad" diet, I'd be dead in a year. BTW, that's what he told me would happen if I didn't lose 30 lbs! Looking for a new MD now…

  26. Well I'm on the carnivore diet for the moment. But there are loads of me To alternatives to dough and bread and sweets made with coconut flour and almond flour etc So people can make cakes and breads with low carb alternative.

  27. At 20:00 the slide says, "YOU MUST EAT VEGETABLES EVERY DAY." What about "carnivore" people who eat no vegetables at all?

  28. A proverb 99% Chinese aware of
    (word for word)
    Sick – via – mouth – intake
    Danger – via – mouth – outspoke

    Meaning : danger and sickness both went through the mouth, use it carefully.

  29. I’ve been doing OMAD carnivore for 2 years, I had a medical the other day, the doctor said my blood pressure is like a 17 year old, perfect!! And eat loads of butter, ghee and beef fat

  30. I was diagnosed with Lipedema a few years ago and have been told by dozens of doctors, nothing would work for me. I felt hopeless, helpless and almost gave up on the thought to ever lose weight. But Keto changed my life completely. I lost 30kg so far, Im healthier, mentally stable. And the moment he mentioned that Lipedema patients get told they wont be able to do anything I couldnt hold back tears. But out of happiness. Being happy about me finding my way, by myself. Because a lot of doctors dont know shit about nutrition. Im so thankful for everyone who works on spreading the word.

  31. Sorry to see that healclinic closed down.
    Anyone know a source to download the page 4 as mentioned in this video. @. 18::36?
    Would love to be get it in 3 different languages:
    1) English and
    2) Spaniish
    3) German

    Thank you in advance for any feedback

  32. Hmm, not sure why would one limit amount of cheese? At around 18:21, I'm eating daily around 500g, is my main source of food along with greens, 1 avocado, 2 eggs, 40g butter …. as I do not eat red meat, can't eat fish (histamine intolerance), …. my main source of calories and necessary proteins is from cheese (with 0g of carbs)..

  33. Dr. Westman is such a sincere and good human being.  I just love and respect this man so much.  His information has totally transformed my life. 😉

  34. Here is a tip for Everyone who videos presentations. No one really wants to stare at the presenter most of the time, the key is to LEAVE the camera on the Data/Slides much much longer.

  35. 10 minutes in and no info yet in this zzzz video. Try eating 1 LB bacon 2400 calories. Very easy to do. Now try eating 2400 calories of sugary cereal 100-200 calories per bowl ,that is 10 bowls of cereal. Nearly impossible to do . Your calories will be less eating carbs.

  36. I think you should just put them on a strict carnivore diet for at least the first three months. That way it's easy for them to understand. Once they learn and get used to it, then add the other things.

  37. Ive done keto for the last 2 years down 181 lbs but been stuck all summer so im trying page 4 on week 2 now I got the new list that he gives out which isn't like the one on the net for free I do miss my berries they aren't on the new list but im doing it giving it at less 4 weeks on this plan I usually do ketovore

  38. Dr. Westman, do you think that the LCHF Keto diet would help someone with kidney damage from having HSP when they were younger?

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