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100 thoughts on “Drake – God’s Plan

  1. I’m drake and I’m telling you to remember me because one day my time is gonna come and have u niggas shook

  2. Bad things… there's a lot of bad things that they wishing they wishing they wishing they wishing they wishing on me 💯🙏🏾

  3. Oh holy Jesus that a lot of fucking money

    I did some research and all that money was worth it now all those people are living there own life properly

  4. Nossa pessoas igual a você a gente nunca vai encontrar cara vc merece muito na sua vida conquistou a fama e mesmo assim mostrando que compartilhar não importa se é pouco ou muito mais simplesmente ensinado coisas maravilhosas vc tem um coração enorme cara que Deus te abençoe

  5. Give money to locals where you're from not somewhere that really means nothing to you if it wasn't for your local fan's you wouldn't have crossed the boarder period.

  6. How tf does this trash have a 1 billion views but tobuscus viral song doesn't have a billion views I hate today's society

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