Drink THIS shake for Muscle GAINS !

hey what’s up guys and welcome to another video so last week I posted this my story on Instagram go go follow me by the way and everyone was like Chris what are you drinking what is that what’s the recipe please so yeah Here I am Chris Hansen at your service that personally I really love this Shh I drink it every day it’s a very simple recipe and it contains a lot of calories so if you’re not trying to gain weight this may not be for you so all you need is a blender peanut butter oatmeal yogurt and orange juice so let’s begin you started with a banana so one of my most asked question is but Chris how do you open a banana so let me show you there are actually two ways of opening a banana the correct way let me demonstrate number one you just hold here at the end and just kind of god damn it let me try again you just hold here at the end and just ok so first method doesn’t always work but that’s why we have to so if the first one doesn’t work just take this end instead and then you just kind of like press here at the end and I’ll do like that and then you can just open it but beware you don’t want to eat that part or what I prefer to call it the anus of Satan so you throw that in there and then you add approximately this amount of oats I don’t really weigh what I put in it’s different every day it always becomes kind of the same anyways and then you add approximately the last of this juice and then you add a pretty large spoon of peanut butter yeah and the last ingredient is yogurt and you add approximately that that much a bit more and then it’s ready to go oh one more thing actually another thing I like to do to keep it fresh and cold is to add some ice cubes what dammit and make sure you put on the top as well otherwise your kitchen it’s gonna be a mess and then you’re ready to go Jesus make sure to do a little break now and then so it doesn’t overheat perhaps your blender is better than mine but just watch out you don’t ruin your blender these things can be expensive and it’s done it’s pretty like fake fluid so what I do is that I add two straws to make it easier let’s have a taste yeah good as always so this is approximately around 700 calories if not more and as you can see it’s a very easy way of getting a pretty high amount of calories also it’s really nice for breakfast this shape because when when your body is sleeping your digestion system runs a bit slower like it’s still like starting up in the morning so it can be nice and for the stomach and your body to drink a shake in the morning like this so I hope you guys enjoyed the video leave a comment down below if you have any specific wishes and let me know how this tasted if you’re going to try it and also remember to like of course if you like the video and also please like if you don’t like the video is there anything else no I don’t think so and I’ll see you guys on next Sunday good bye [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Drink THIS shake for Muscle GAINS !

  1. I make myself a shake in the morning aswell.
    But, i think mine sounds not as gross? xD
    I do not like peanut butter, but like, peanut butter with orange juice = puke.

    What I put in le recipé:

    Half a liter milk
    a banana
    an apple
    sum berries, whatever is in the house.
    weed seed, <- without THC alright! (Has a lot of vitamins)
    ^ base
    additional: oats, yogurt, almond butter, protein powder

    I usually put almond butter, yogurt and protein powder in there aswell, izz much delicious, and gives ya protein, and energy is ++++++++

  2. Objection! Orange juice and yogurt does not match due to conflict between the vitamin C and the Calcium. So you have to exclude one of those.Your choise.

  3. In Germany we have a product called low fat quark which is a milk product and it contains 13 grams of protein and 0,2 grams of fat per 100 grams so I basically put a 500 gram pack into my morning smoothie instead of yoghurt. Try to find it in Dänemark because it is way better than yoghurt!

  4. it's not good to combine acid fruits(orange) with sour fruits(banana)….but it is good to combine acid fruits with with a sub-acid fruit like blueberries so the acid weakens and the result is better for the stomach…you can eat them seperately with at least 1 hour difference or ye the most logical thing to do is eating them at different meals. obviously banana is great for a shake like that but you can drink orange juice 45 minutes ago and then start preparing the shake with banana..btw you can drink the orange juice when you wake up with an extra glass of water and later when it is breakfast time do a shake like that….you can add biological goat milk(1,5% fat preferably) if you can find it so there is something which is liquid for the shake to be a liquid-shake :P..before some guys/girls start saying milk or milk products are bad bla bla search about goat milk and especially if it is biological….it is similar to maternal human's milk, you can digest it easily and it contains far less hormones…obviously if you want you can not drink milk at all but just saying a better choice than normal cow milk. Now about almond milk it is true that almonds have many important nutritients(magnesium which is important for many things…production of the testosterone as well)… but they say that almonds reduce the testosterone level instead cuz of some other reasons….and you can get almonds' vitamines and magnesium from other food combinations anyways. that's all have a nice day 😀

  5. #butchriiis
    Do you have a special goal in calisthenics ( planch, hefesto etc.) ? Or are you aiming for anything else ( good shape and so on ) ?
    Ps: your Videos are very entertaining 😉

  6. Holy shit, I was so confused as to why the shake in the picture was greenish looking but the one in the video turned out brown… but yeah haha xD

  7. Ok Chris listen,I've found even bigger bullshit than grow taller videos.I've came across a bunch of "get shorter/decrease height" videos and basically they put some retarded music and all the people in comments are saying shit like "I used to be 5"9,I'm 5"7 now this really works." Please do another comedy video,this shit is really even bigger cancer than growing taller videos.

  8. Just skip the yoghurt and replace it with.. Hmm… Any vegan milk alternative or soy yoghurt xD. I guess you could also add some protein powder, but maybe it's too much for some people. And that's it, it's pretty vegan friendly. Good video as always Chris. I will proabably try this out but without yoghurt.

  9. Luckily for me I work at a smoothie Store and they have all these ingredients, do you think a scoop or two of way protein would be good…?

  10. #butchriiis Hey Chris sorry to bother you but I bought your program and I really struggle doing muscle ups. I have the strength to do it correctly. Nevertheless I do Chicken wings. I first put one arm and then the other. Please help me I am really frustrated

  11. Heey Christ I love both of your channels, I started working out just yesterday for my first time…

    I'm from Puerto Rico and my motivation is to see the extent of my genetic potential when it comes to bodyweight A.K.A Calisthenics… Wish me luck and that's me in my photo before working out… Take care

  12. Industrialized Juice does not afford any single nutrients they've all lost in te process of the factory to your home, it is only Calories, Not vitamins, or Minerals, or anything just Cals.

  13. #chris …once I am your Facebook friend…we chatted once …I messaged you "hi brother how are you?" then you replied"thanks I am fine" but I lost my password and email of that Facebook account…my name is Aravind …can I send again friend request to you?..and I want to start calisthenics in India but I am skinny fatted guy…I want to represent your group in my locality but the exercises which you posted are very difficult for me can you help me?…

  14. When I watched this a couple of days ago, I thought that this was a prank. Since this video was just uploaded at the time, there weren't any comments about the actual taste. So I waited until today to try it (still no comment about the taste). I didn't add the yogurt because I don't have it but I added some almonds. Surprisingly, it didn't taste bad at all. In fact, I think that it's a good combination.

    So if any of you think that this is a prank, it isn't…

  15. #butchriiis dips and push-ups are getting too easy what is a Nother great exercise for your triceps shoulders and chest?

  16. Hey! Was wondering about something, if I don't have orange juice, can I replace with it with lemon juice, Juava or mango? Or can I not put juice at all?

  17. I looked through my recommended list and I've seen this before but I didn't realize he was doing a tricep shot in the thumbnail

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