Durrah – Mr. Olympia Episode 1

Now, one can start calling himself a champion That’s what I’m talking about, driving a limo Ok guys, so we’re in Vegas And that’s the first thing you see when you’re at the airport That’s a first I wonder where should I go now I’m getting into that specific elevator That’s the room, guys And my brother, Harith Al Durrah will be staying with me Guys, I wanna show you the room keys Effort has been made One must wear a decent watch as well You know the deal, guys For those who are waiting, I’ll be doing your customized programs right here guys I don’t know what I’ll be doing here, but it looks good The view is not that good from this side, I think that rooms on the other side have a better view But it’s fine Vegas vibes everywhere Ok, now, I need to go and buy some Ketchup, mustard, etc I just saw Sami Al Haddad He’s a very humble guy I just want to show you around the hotel and casino Ok guys, so we are at the hotel’s gym I’m doing my last training session Man, people here are really funny So, that’s my last training session before the Olympia I’ll do some chest, biceps, a little bit of this and a little bit of that And I’ll show you some good stuff as well I was just talking to Jose Raymond I told him that I’ve been following him for many years And that it’s an honor for me to stand right next to him on stage before he retires He’s a very humble guy Ok, let’s get back to the last workout session

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