Eating Less Protein My Help Curb The Gut’s Bacterial Growth

Eric Bakker, Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. Food with nitrogen and carbon, two very important
ingredients found obviously in the foods that we eat. Experiments were conducted last year by a
microbiome researcher at, I think it was Duke University then eventually, I think, Harvard
where this lady’s been working. She basically studied … She took fecal samples from over 30 animals
and looked at the carbon and nitrogen content of these. Very interesting study. You can look it up online. What they discovered was nitrogen was actually
very important for the gut bacteria. When nitrogen was reduced, the bacteria dropped
off. When nitrogen was increased, the bacteria
seemed to increase a little bit. What it appears to be is that meat eating
or protein consumption in general, I should say, not just meat eating because protein
is found throughout nature. Nuts and seeds. There are many sources of protein apart from
animal flesh that we can eat. But the proteins actually contain nitrogen. Their nitrogen is quite important discoveries
are now reading, and showing that the gut really benefits from having nitrogen. In fact, bacteria look for nitrogen and actually
feed on mucus in the small intestine and the large intestine. They can feed on bits of mucus to extract
nitrogen from it and then convert the residual compound that’s left over into various forms
of food for bacteria, which also includes more nitrogen. So they’re discovering that protein is very
important for the human microbiome because it confers benefits by producing this nitrogen
load, which bacteria thrive on. But of course, more studies have to be conducted
before we can find out to what degree protein sources and starch or fiber or carbohydrate
based foods, for example, what benefits all these confer. But it’s exciting to see this new microbiome
research coming out. Does it mean to say we need to eat more meat? No, it doesn’t at all. You don’t need to read that into this study. As I mentioned, more studies have to come
out to conclude what we’re generally dealing with here. Because one study is not enough to give you
information saying, “This is what you do.” Multiple studies around the same topic can
often come out with different conclusions. Just be careful. But it just goes to show that protein is a
very important part of your diet and that having a diet high in fruits and vegetables
is fine, but you also need to have good sources of protein to have a healthy microbiome. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want me free
PDF in the description box. Thank you.

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