Ectomorph 1 Year Body Transformation Skinny to Muscular

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44 thoughts on “Ectomorph 1 Year Body Transformation Skinny to Muscular

  1. Can you write more about your life style,are you working,studying,how much meals do you eat during the day and how much do you sleep?

  2. Awesome work!! I have a questions and I can't seem to be able to load your Instagram, do you have a different username? Thanks!

  3. heey female ectomorph here 😉 it's extremely funny but we got a lot of parallels on our bodies. You are looking really handsome now! I'm still skinny , but I Found the right training and got some progress, so… I know I can get there where you are (of course with the different physique of a woman's body but I think you get me :D)

    keep it up!

  4. Hey it is amazing. im 182 centimeters and weight 60 kg. i have been going to the gym lately and i hope to see a change like you. great video man

  5. What a dickwad… what's the point of posting this if you don't wanna help… description shows how much of your gains went to your ego… #douche

  6. i should make a video of a 3+ year gain progression & call it " 1 year" too.

    BULLSHIT! not possible even for 'noob gains' or 18y/o testosterone spurt. growth like this takes a few years w/out steroids, a personal trainer, shit tons of protein & calorie intake, and a completely open weekly schedule dedicated solely for lifting (the way actors do it quickly for roles)

    it's motivational, but only deludes/misleads newbs to give up after a year when they don't get to this point. anyone interested in lifting should read or watch more material on this subject

    thumbed down

  7. I have the same entomorph body type around the same weight you were before your transformation. One thing I'm always conscious about is going out in t-shirts and shorts, even on a really hot summers day like it is today where I am I'm about to head out wearing jeans and a long sleeve because I have really think legs, ankles, knobbly knees and tiny wrists. Any advise on how I can target those areas and how long it would take to improve? How did you get your wrists so damn thick. It's almost as if your bones have actually grown wider.

  8. I'm the exact same weight and height from your before pics, really motivational, thanks!! Just curious, what was your diet like?

  9. What is your workout
    give the details please
    also what is your diet
    do you take a protein shake.
    Mainly interested in the excersies u do though??

  10. How do u target growth in the middle back and middle chest . I find those areas hard to develop
    also I have skinny forearms. I see in the pic your forearms have gotten so much bigger

  11. im also an ectomorph i begann training for month now im almost the same height and weight as u were at the beginning but i already gained 2-3 kilos in the First month now i Hope i will be like u After 1 Year and nice video

  12. How did you get your forearms to get bigger? I'm having huge trouble getting them to get big and I really badly need help

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