Effects of protein towards muscle mass

yana: you want some ?
mas: em not now , but i want to go to gym, you want to go with me ? why should i go to gym with you ? i want to do some exercise i don’t want to follow you , i want to eat protein i want to build muscle in easiest way why should do some exercise ? this food rich with protein to build some muscle more faster situation 2 Lotta bulk (exercise + eat protein) hye Lotta Bulk, what are you doing here? im eating some protein but for what ? because i want to build muscle i want to have linear muscle no need , le’s go to Mcdonald , we eat fast food with me i can’t eat fat ok fine , i will go alone Lotta bulk finally gain a muscle In your opinion, which Lotta bulk will get positive effect ? is it Lotta bulk eat protein without do some exercise? or Lotta bulk that eat protein and doing exersice ? i am wondering too so , if you guys want to know which Lotta bulk will give positive effect we can see it later Firstly , what is protein ? protein are essential nutrients for the human body they are one building block of body tissue and also can serve fuel source protein provide as much as energy density as carbohydrate next , protein also function in human body it was nutrient needed by the human body for growth and maintenance under normal circumstance , our body break down the same amount of protein that it use to build and repair tissue aside from water , protein are the most abundant kinf of molecule in the body protein can be found in all cell of the body and it is the major structural component of all cell in the body , especially your muscle for sure you wondering what does protein do for your muscle ? simply eating more protein doesnt mean u will gain muscle mass when you exercise , you will create tiny microtear in your muscle when you eat protein , our body will break it down and use these amino acid to repair the tear. that’s why your muscle are bigger and stronger wow enjoy the animation^ BYE !!! THANK U FOR WATCHING !!!!!

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18 thoughts on “Effects of protein towards muscle mass

  1. Thank you for the explaination! Btw, we all know that eggs contain protein, but is it true that eating so much eggs is not good for our health cause it raises our cholestrol? or is it just a myth? – Anis (Zulfa's group)

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