Electronic Skin — Mind Blow #108

Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA reveals that
a resourceful 5,300 year old Iceman wore a sheepskin loincloth, cow leather shoelaces,
goat hide leggings, sheep and goat mixed coat, a brown bear hat. Meanwhile, researchers at Stanford developed
a new fabric that, unlike cotton, allows infrared radiation to pass through it. So you’ll feel four degrees cooler if you’re
wearing plastic clothes. Vsauce! Kevin here – this is Mind Blow. DuoSkin makes your arm an interface. Developed by the MIT Media Lab, a cheap, skin-safe
gold leaf material is attached in various designs to the skin. The three interfaces include wireless communication,
touch-sensing input and displaying output. The metallic temporary tattoos can control
mobile devices like a trackpad, and also data like movie tickets could be embedded in the
material. They believe on-skin electronics will become
less taboo over time and develop into user-friendly body decoration. In science fiction becomes reality news, an
astronaut sequenced DNA in space. While aboard the International Space Station,
a Biomolecule Sequencer was used to identify the DNA sequence of a mouse, virus and bacteria
while identical samples were sequenced at the same time on Earth to control for differences
in results. Current practical applications include being
able to test the fungi growing on the ISS without having to send it back to Earth and
future amazing applications include detecting life on Mars. Virtual reality, brain-control and a robotic
exoskeleton combine to retrain people to walk. The system allows patients with spinal-cord
injuries to regain voluntary leg muscle movement and feel touch and pain in their paralyzed
limbs. After 12 months of training, which involved
patients imagining walking through a virtual scene, the EEG picked up signals for the lower
limbs that had been previously lost. The patients wore sleeves with haptic feedback
to react to each step, and even varied so walking on sand would feel different than
walking on grass. Eventually they could walk in the
real world with robotic training devices and the research is ongoing. The oldest fossils ever found are 3.7 billion
years old. Australian geologists discovered a newly exposed
outcrop of sedimentary rocks and minerals in Greenland that was previously covered in
snow. They found evidence of fossilized microbial
mats called stromatolites which are shallow water microorganism communities. Due to the complexity of stromatolites they
believe life may have started much earlier than when they appear in the fossil record
and this discovery increases interest in life on other planets. There’s now a drone that drops ignition
spheres to start fires. The Unmanned Aerial System for Firefighting
was created to safely perform prescribed fires that are used to combat the spread of wildfires and benefit ecosystems by fighting off invasive species. Traditionally, helicopter-based ignition has
been used but its expensive and dangerous – so this new system represents a major upgrade
in fire. EPFL built a robotic foosball table. A camera under the table tracks the ball and
linear and rotational motors control the players. The robot can already beat humans. The robot knows where the human player is
positioned and can react accordingly. And now they’re working on having a robot
play against another robot. 3D Printing now enters 4D. Engineers are printing shape-changing polymers
that remember their original shape when heated to specific temperatures. They believe what they call 4-D printing could
be used for biomedical devices like medicine that’s released when the patient has a fever
or used for solar cells that move in relation to temperature to optimize performance. Really i just think this little soft polymer
claw thing looks cool. So yeah. Finally, DFKI in Germany unveiled a project
to search for extraterrestrial life in the deep oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa. *SFX* I’m gonna leave you with a virtual reality
robot arm, And as always, thanks for watching. *SFX* You are about to take a journey out of this
world, Into the world of the future. Forget the world around you. Forget the people around you. You are entering Futurama. It’s hard to believe there actually is an
oven that can cook a roast in minutes by electronics. Then bake you potatoes in less time than it takes
to carve the roast. A refrigerated cart ready for wheeling into
a game room or out on to the patio. Perfect for keeping foods and drinks cool
for informal entertaining. Yes, that’s a wonderful idea. And I’ll bet this washer will get anything clean, Even my most delicate things. Did you have fun? I sure did. Everything I saw was out of this world. *SFX* There’s a brand new episode of LÜT over
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100 thoughts on “Electronic Skin — Mind Blow #108

  1. I love those old advertisements at the end of the videos, but how did ppl back in the day not find those to be just plain creepy????

  2. "It's hard to believe there is an oven that can cook a roast, in minutes; by electronics. Then bake your potatoes, in less time that it takes to carve the roast!"

    That is hard to believe! Especially because it still takes my oven 45-60 minutes to heat a frozen pizza!

    Right you are, 60s announcer! Err.. assuming it also then, takes you 25-40 minutes to carve the roast… damnit 2016.

  3. Kevin can you please tell me what is the first song im looking for that song for 2 years and its not by Jake Chudnow i checked his every song

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    we've been warned people

  5. everything that exists is natural, if were trying to figure out who created existence, like me lol, you cant, life is just life, nothing was created,,,

  6. Multimaterial 4D Printing (3:34)
    With this, solar panels won't have to use so much of their own electrical energy to turn towards the sun and maximize its absorption of sunlight; rather, this 3D printed material, when heated by the sunlight, will change their shapes and thereby move the panels.

  7. Something I keep wondering about a trip under the ice of Europa. How is it going to carry all the drill extensions? They said it could be up to 15km deep. I'm guessing it's not the same kind of drilling.

  8. Very cool, most of the inventions seem so interesting especially the electronic tattoo and new uprising method to help with paralysis:)

  9. Well, what do ya know? I read about the fire capsule drone in an article recently, and this video was uploaded on my birthday! also the birthday of the dreamcast 🙂

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