Empirical Enzymes by ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company

Archer Daniels Midland Company has a vast network of grain elevators, processing plants, terminals, and export
and distribution centers throughout the world. ADM’s asset footprint is linked by a complex and robust global transportation
network which spans road, rail, river, and sea, all working to drive value from
origin to destination markets. ADM Animal Nutrition is well recognized as a leader in amino-acids, custom premixes/blends, specialty ingredients, and commercial feed. When it comes to enzymes, ADM has a 40 year history, using them in everything from corn processing to amino acid production. This makes us one of the world’s largest processors and users of enzymes. We understand how they work
across a multitude of platforms. ADM works with customers around the
world to leverage our vast enzyme expertise to execute deliver innovative
and profit opportunities for you. ADM has extensive capabilities in
developing feed enzymes. We have dedicated scientists that are
classically trained within the space in different areas of the field strain development,
all the way into feed manufacturing. We have dedicated laboratory space
specifically working on the development of the feed enzymes
located across the country, starting in California, moving to Decatur, and then
closer to our own animals that are located in Mendon, IL. Our intent with feed enzymes in the industry is to deliver consistent technology that unlocks the value, or unlocks the nutrition at different
substrates. So we can get more formulation flexibility. We also leverage
strategic partners with universities to validate this. They give us significant
insights regarding how the enzymes can perform, and we appreciate those relationships. We can take the discoveries that they make here in the
lab and immediately start screening them using in vitro digestibility assays.
These are high-throughput assays we can screen a number of different discoveries
in a single assay and then take the winning discoveries, the winning enzymes,
right back to the lab bench, or improve other enzymes that need further
improvement. Once the team here has advanced the enzyme to an extremely good
prototype, we can then tie in with our fully owned animal nutrition research
farm where we have chickens and pigs. Using those animals we can get concrete
answers as to how the animals respond to the performance uplift we expect
using these enzymes ADM’s new Empirical(TM) enzyme gives
you the ability unlock ingredients giving you more formulation flexibility.

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