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Hi~ Why do you keep sniffing? What, it’s new! It’s been a while since I filmed a talking video, so it’s kind of awkward. Some new products I bought in the new year, products I bought from Australia, from Sephora. I have a lot of supplements… It’s like a warming up? This is a piece of cake. First, I’ll show you some of the products I bought from &otherstories which I love. I bought two hair products.
It feels nice to buy and stock up beauty products. They recently came out with hair products, like shampoo, hair treatment, they also had a lot of dry shampoos like this one. I feel like they’re expanding in a variety of different areas, so it’s also kind of fun to see the expansion/growth. This is the volume powder, I’ve been using it well on my fringe. It’s really finely milled, so when you pump it, the powder spreads everywhere. You get a lot of fallouts, so the packaging isn’t that great. It’s not like hair gel or hair wax that fixes the hair completely but kind of creates that texture? When your baby hair gets blown by wind, they’d all be gone by the time you go inside. So I’ve been using this well when I want to fix it up. it’s 15000 won. This is actually cheaper.
This is dry shampoo, it’s just the normal hair spray size. This is only 10000 won. To be honest, I’ve had some stereotypes about dry shampoos, because the ones I used would go on white and clump up. But this was not like that. It would take away the greasiness very lightly and freshly. So when I wash my hair at night but need to go somewhere the next day I would use this sometimes. I bought this at the offline store, but you can also get it online. They have hair mask and serum as well, so I think it’d be fun to go online and check it out. I have a lot of body wash but ran out of body scrub. This is a shower scrub called Rub Rub Rub. At first I thought this smelled like bubble gum, but the more I smell it, I smell more of the Jasmine scent. Unlike the color, the fragrance is actually very sophisticated. It’d be nice to scrub the body with a nice fragrance, and the particles aren’t too rough, so it was nice to melt it on the palm first then apply it. This is Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer. I didn’t use foundation today but just used this for my makeup. I have a lot of blemishes so I can’t live without concealers. I use a lot of different types of concealers like palette, pots, liquid, and stick. But these types of liquid concealers in these soft applicators are the easiest to use. When I choose a concealer, I tend to go for the ones with yellow undertones. try to get the shade that matches my natural skin color. That makes the coverage go higher too. I wanted to get a new concealer, so I was testing a few products out, This adhered really well, and didn’t flake up even after multiple layers, so I really liked it. The size is small so it’s handy to bring around. I always bring a concealer with me to touch up my makeup. Some concealers, when I apply them in multiple layers, my makeup would look really heavy. Even if they have super high coverage, I feel like I don’t reach for those. But this one wasn’t like that. The applicator itself is shaped sideways on the end, so it’s easy to just dot on the face and apply. It was convenient to use in different shapes/ways. I haven’t used this for a long while yet, but it’s the type of formula I like, so I think I’ll use this well throughout this year. I wanted to open this so much! This is my first ever Chanel perfume. This is the Coco Mademoisselle Eau de Parfum. got the Parfum not the Eau de Toilette because I wanted a longer-lasting one. 100ml is a little too much and it was also very expensive, so I bought the 50ml one. This was 150,000 won for 50ml. The bottle is so pretty! I’m a pretty fast decision-maker, but it is so hard when it comes to perfume! They also gave me a tester, this is the one I was deciding between, it has the intense added. This is the luring fragrance, it’s like the smell of first floor department store, very fancy. So I bought this that’s slightly fresher. I will use this more, and leave a review in my GRWMs or vlogs. Mm smells nice! I didn’t know I would be getting horse oil, but this is the Jin Ma Yu. It’s like…melted Vaseline? It’s great to apply on stretch marks or dermatitis. I’ve used this for 5 days since I bought it, and I definitely do not get breakouts. It felt like it would help recover those pimples that are fading way. This is best to apply at night, rather than before makeup. Fine dust is super intense these days, so I don’t like to apply these products when I go out I apply this on the last step of my night skin care routine. I apply this on my hips and on areas where I feel like I’d get stretch marks. And I could feel the the hydration would last really long. It didn’t have any side effects on my acne-prone skin, so I’ve been very satisfied. I will show you the things I got from Sephora, I still have the receipt too. Now that I look at them, I feel like I didn’t buy enough. I got the Zoeva Premiere eyeshadow palette. I always get an eyeshadow palette when I go to Sephora. Eyeshadow palettes always give me the most satisfaction. It has a lot of red and orange shades, so I bought this. The formula feels very buttery.

It adheres right on. They’re not glittery particles, but just satin shimmers. I like to apply these types of colors on the lower lash line. It was 39 Australian Dollars. Whenever I’d go to Europe, I would really want to get a blush from Tarte, but they didn’t have it anywhere. I finally found Tarte in Australia. I also got a makeup spray for new product in my vanity. Wait, it’s not coming out. Ah there it is. It smells nice, considering it’s a face mist. Very fresh! Tarte blushes that I wanted to get ever since two years ago, are called Amazonian blushes. So pretty right? It’s always great to have one of these nudy shades. I also got #exposed. #Sensual has a warmer shade, and #Exposed is slightly a muted mauve color. They’re both not too pigmented, so they were great to apply in multiple layers. I like to apply this sideways over a large area. Next, Fenty Beauty, that I also love. Look at the color!
Should I try it on? It’s great to apply when you want to show off the highlight. I really like this color.
I think Fenty Beauty makes really great highlighters. The highlight is more expensive than the eyeshadow palette. This is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz. It’s very slim.

I saw a lot of foreign youtubers use this, so I wanted to try this. I have the pomade one. But that one goes on too darkly so I don’t tend to reach for it too often. This one is slim so I think it’ll be easy to draw brows delicately, streak by streak. I was thinking of getting a reddish brown, but I won’t be dyeing my hair in red brown all the time, so I just got this common brown shade. I’m not going to throw this away. I’m going to keep this, I like the box.

It has the pencil sharpener inside too. This is a good brand. The color I got is #retro.
It’s a very subtle mauve color, but it also has brown in it. I bought this because I felt like it’d look nice when I apply it pigmented. It has a very creamy formula so it’s easy to blend.
I think it’ll be great to use as blush too. It’s quite intense, isn’t it? The lip color has become really intense all of a sudden right? I bought a lot of supplements. I bought these from Chemist Warehouse. It’s like Boots in the UK, it’s a drugstore. It was fun to shop around. I bought this fish oil for Omega3.

It’s in this transparent soft gel capsule. This is from a brand called Health Care. When I got my medical check up, my Cholesterol level was high, So I try to take in Omega3 supplements regularly. I bought this in the big size so I can share it with my sister. I emptied a tub of this. I bought another one.
It’s great for digestion or detox. Since it detoxes the liver, it will also help to make the skin more transparent. When your liver isn’t functioning, you feel fatigue more easily, right? Probiotics! They have Black Mores in a lot of places in Korea too. I bought a bottle of multi vitamin and probiotics. Apparently it’s better to have probiotics at night. I thought you were supposed to have it in the morning. This is Black Mores Insolar. It says skin health. It helps balances the DNA and helps with skin health.

It has a lot of vitamin B3 in it. Next, Coenzyme Q10.
I bought coenzyme. My sister chose this.

Coenzyme works really well when had with some other supplement.. Certain supplements work well with other supplements, and certain ones, you’re not supposed to have with a few supplements. I looked up a few, I will show you guys later some time in detail. You have to take care of yourself right? Who’s going to look after you right? These are some of the things I’m really glad I got. COSTCO sells these too, I think 4 in a bundle. This is really famous as the PanBingBing cream. It’s really gentle so pregnant women can apply this too. It has avocado oil and a lot of vitamin E. It’s written that it’s a cream that helps the skin to become healthier. It applies pretty heavily and gets absorbed to the skin.
I liked how it would really feel in my skin with hydration. It’s not the hydration that creates pimples.
I’ve been using this with this really well these days. I feel like it really makes the skin very healthy. I’ve been using this combination really well at night lately. Since it has vitamin I only use this at night and not in the morning. But I can definitely feel that the day after I apply this, my face would look brighter. And it feels hydrated up until the next morning. Some of you wanted to check out some of the clothes I got from Australia. So I’ll go through them quickly. I brought a lot of autumn clothes, so in Melbourne where the temperature went up to 40 degrees Celsius, I bought a few clothes. This flapping banded pants. Banded striped pants. These are great as summer vacation outfits, and also great to wear on flights as they’re really comfortable. They’re great to wear in the warm weather too, so I bought this straight striped pants. Next another one I wore super well. This is from an American brand, not Australian. This is from Stussy. The material is Corduroy. This is actually men’s wear.
I found this one at the men’s section. But it’s banded, and since I don’t like to wear shorts that are too short, I bought this in size 30. Well it wasn’t that big. So I bought this pair of vanilla-colored corduroy shorts. There was a brand called Cotton On that was kind of similar to Brandy Melville. I think this is an Australian brand. I like the color, and it looks very cute, I could match this with a cardigan, and a jacket too, so I bought this sleeveless top in vibrant green. I bought this too. I bought this off of a shop in the back street of Bondi Beach in Sydney. It’s the type of top I like. I think I could definitely wear this in Korea too in the coming summer. I matched this with linen pants, and it was great to wear when I went to the beach. I could wear my swimsuit inside too.
It’s easy to take off~ The striped pants I showed you earlier, and this, these are must-haves for summer vacation outfits. And long dresses. Because of this, I want the weather to get warmer soon. This is denim red, but in a washed vintage kind of red. I matched this with this black sleeveless top. I’m going to match this with a pair of flip-flops in the summer, just like I did in Australia. I think today’s video was super chill, I hope you enjoyed watching this today. I will keep looking out for great products to show you guys! Pomi, let’s make heart fingers together 🙂 see you soon, guys! If you have a particular video you’d like to see, please leave a comment anytime! Bye!

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