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30 thoughts on “Ergothioneine: A New Vitamin?

  1. Given the fact chickens and pigs retain stores in their kidneys and liver; we must be getting adequate dosage by eating grains alone. Yes?

  2. That's like saying new research comes out showing how to avoid cancer. But you don't have to do this since you wasn't doing it before. Ha. It doesn't matter what I was doing before I want the optimum health. 😉

  3. Maybe the Ergothioneine would be in the straw and manure? The straw would of been in a open field. But idk if there would be any in the cow manure after it digests the grass or feed. They should test those store bought mushrooms too see

  4. Shiitake, oyster, bolete, maitake, protabellas, criminis, and white buttons

    sciencedaily. com/releases/2005/09/050912080429. htm

  5. Looks like there's even more of a reason to have beans as a staple in your diet. Especially if you don't like mushrooms.

  6. I love all your vids, and I've probably seen most of them, and almost all your lectures – I even pre-ordered your new cookbook today yay! But here's a question I'm sure you probably don't get very often…. Which software/web tools do you use to animate your videos? Kind of  unrelated I know but a valid question! I am a chef (20 years nearly!) in the UK though, and  currently studying with the intention of becoming a nutritional therapist, having had IBD for 17 awful years before discovering a whole food plant based diet, and I'd like to help others!

  7. In 2017 my friend got merkel cell skin cancer….she had surgery then radiation (very difficult and painful)…..shortly after it seemed to return so she scheduled a biopsy…heard about a possible mushroom cure by listening to Paul Stemets on YouTube and immediately took max doses of Paul Stemets mushroom blends 7 and 12….felt tingling on leg in cancer area and knew something was happening….biopsy was clear….9 months and still clear but may need to take them for the rest of her life. Everyday I drink chaga tea (from Canada or Alaska) because it tastes good and makes me feel great (also because my friend is alive and healthy). This video is fun and informative

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