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Ponquecitos and Cakes today we are going to do an orange sponge cake Today I bring you a recipe that I love because first is very easy, second is very
quick to do and the third thing is that it is one of the most spongy cakes and
tasty orange I’ve made subscribe to the channel and activate the bell
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really delicious i recommend you use natural oranges which is what
that gives that special flavor to our cake but if you do not own it is
an alternative is to use juices with pasteurized orange juice so, let’s go with the recipe Fluffy Orange Sponge Cake the amount of ingredients needed to this recipe as well as the answer to
frequently asked questions in the blog of Ponquecitos and Cakes he
left a link in the description box of this video we start this cake
squeezing our oranges that are very sweet and mature to give a
most delicious flavor to our cake in a bowl and with the help of a strainer
let’s sift the flour for this recipe we are using
loose flour that has 9% or less of protein but if you only have or
you get flour in your city or country all use that is around 10 to
11 percent protein we can lower the protein by subtracting two
tablespoons of flour and adding two tablespoons cornstarch and in this way you
we will lower the protein to our flour and It will be ideal for this cake Now we incorporate the chemical yeast or powder of baking and sift it also in
set with the flour and reserve in a bowl and with the electric mixer we will incorporate the sugar and salt we put our blender to beat
low speed and now we are going to place the eggs one by one
breaking them separately to check that they are in perfect
state and with the help of a fork or whisk we break its structure so that
join much better to the mix, remember to wait for the first
is integrated before incorporating the second, once all the eggs are
integrated into the mix we carry our blender at maximum speed so that
our sugar mix Eggs are completely foamy and stand up to twice their size we will divide the flour mixture with baking powder into three parts before incorporate the first part let’s
lower the speed of our blender and we will incorporate that little flour part
little by little until well mixed we pour the milk
the oil and once integrated we place the second part of flour and
baking powder reminds of both in both go cleaning the sides with a
cat tongue palette so that it looks like this everything mixed perfectly now
we will incorporate the orange zest always remember to wash and dry very well
the orange before grating it now we incorporate our orange juice and
once it is well integrated we finish of placing the flour with the powder of
bake, you will get a mixture not very thick but quite airy we spread the mold with butter and flour or in its overflowing spray place and so that your
cake is super high and does not exceed the mold size we will place baking paper or vegetable around the contour so that our cake is what
highest possible and even we pour our mixture into the mold and once we have it completely inside we hit it twice on the table
to get some bubble out left and with the help of a knife you
we make a cross so that it doesn’t come out the dreaded tuft we bake at 170 degrees Celsius during 60 minutes, I baked in the heat
only down and the tray the most above possible it will be ready if it is clean and dry when pricked with a stick once ready let it cool
for an hour inside the oven with the oven off and door ajar
this will prevent our cake from getting off Remember to download the APP of Ponquecitos and Cakes so you always have to hand recipes, videos, tips and
many more surprises as you can see It is a soft cake and very very
spongy past the time we can unmold our cake and remove
vegetable or baking paper and leave it on a rack until it is
completely cold I have made a cut so you can appreciate how beautiful and
spectacular of this cake this cake stays perfect for
five days at room temperature yes I recommend keeping it always covered so it does not dry out to keep it better you can use airtight cans, glass bowl or a tupper this cake is ideal both
for cakes decorated with fondant, layer cakes without fondant or for snack or
enjoy any morning I hope you liked today’s recipe and if it is
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my videos see you in nothing with another recipe bye!

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21 thoughts on “ESPONJOSO BIZCOCHO DE NARANJA 🍊 by Marielly

  1. 💗 Muchísimas gracias por acompañarme en cada vídeo 😘😘😘 tus comentarios y like son los que me ayudan a sentirme animada a continuar haciendo más recetas con mucho mimo y con mucha ilusión!!!  😍💞
    🍒 SUSCRIBETE Ponquecitos and Cakes •*´¨`*•>

  2. Hermosa lo haré hoy mismo …amiga se viene el 14 de febrero …te agradecería alguna receta para sorprender a el amor de mi vida …adoro tu canal …un abrazo ..

  3. Amo el bizcocho de naranja, me animo hacer esta receta. Gracias mil por compartirla. Saludos y bendiciones desde Panamá-Colón

  4. Excelente receta. Aquí en Venezuela casi no se consigue harina todo uso. Pero se podría hacer con harina leudante? Mil gracias y un abrazo grande para ti.

  5. Una pregunta,mi horno tiene ventilador,y dices que que lo colocas solo calor en la parte de abajo 😰 y a mi horno si le pongo solo fue abajo o arriba sería solo con el ventilador.

  6. Me encantó la receta hermosa , solo una pregunta, que es floja ? Será acaso harina todo uso ? Gracias y bendiciones ..

  7. 😱😱😱🍊🍊 siii riquísimo .me encanta y super esponjoso ,marielly en NY la harina es de un 3 por ciento me sirve? Gracias guapa saludos desde NY

  8. Hola, me encanta tu felicidad al compartir tus conocimientos y hacernos la vida más fácil para las que eso de cocinar, no se nos da muy bien, gracias. Y felicidades por tu aplicación, ya la baje y me encanta!!!!!!

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