Extreme Sports Nutrition for the Motorcyle Rider

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Rider The subject of sports nutrition has become
unquestionably important nowadays now that the whole concept of sports has become evolved
and has been receiving immense media attention. Athletes and spectators alike are now comprehending
the weight of the status that professional sportsmen now carries. This realization has pushed lots of initiatives
to produce the latest and most effective in sports nutrition and training, not excluding
those for extreme sports. During the old days, athletes have relied
steadily on the carefree formula of fastfood fare and energy drinks. Now that competition is growing more and more
intense each day, athletes are now acquiring the expertise of sports science experts to
make sure that they can maximize their physical and mental potentials to its outmost limits. To have a better understanding of the efficacy
and significance of extreme sports nutrition, one can look at the training regimen in motorcycle
sports, one of the most popular extreme sports around. A motorcycle rider takes in a lot of punishment
in his body. Because of this, a rider must consider his
overall physical fitness as much as his technical skills in competitions. He needs to establish hydration and stamina
in his physique in order to keep up with the rigors of the motorcycle events. It is not really easy to survive, let alone
win, in a 20-30 minute contest under the most brutal of conditions such as extreme heat. It IS one of the most difficult factors that
should be overcome in any kind of sport. If one would monitor the vital signs of the
athletes during these contests, one could easily see that their heart-rates are performing
at the most maximum level. Sports nutrition is a major concern for motorcycling,
since this sport involves competing in adverse surroundings under very extreme temperatures. Thermoregulation and hydration naturally are
vital concerns. Riders are faced with almost no time to hydrate
themselves because an typical motocycle event lasts about only 20-45 minutes. It is very important then that motorcycle
riders monitor their consumption of fluids closely days before the competition, paying
close attention to those days when practices are held up to the qualifying rounds during
the weekend before the main event. Days before the competition itself, riders
must take fluid, especially water, consistently in order to achieve and maintain a steady
hydration level prior to the main event. Aside from water, sports drinks must come
in handy and must be ready in stock all thoroughout the race weekend. Sports drinks with electrolytes like sodium
and with carbohydrates are particularly recommended. Carnohydrates will aid greatly in putting
off the occurence of a rider’s fatigue. The amount of sodium present in the drinks
is a very important element for the regimen. Sports drinks will high amounts of sodium
can give back the sodium that will be lost with the rider’s sweat during the competition. Also, the sodium will enhance the thirst of
the body in order to make the cyclist drink more water during the course of the competition. Motorcycle riders involved in heavy competition
to strive to consume 20-40 ounces of liquid every hour during his time at the racetrack
and must continue drinking about 20 ounces per hour after the track session. To effectively monitor hydration levels of
a rider, he can weigh himself on the scales every morning and do so again after every
session. Two percent of the total body weight, and
not more than that, should be eliminated, and it muse be replaced with 150 percent of
the water reduced on that day in order to achieve maximum performance for tommorow’s
session. The human body is composed of up to sixty
percent with water. A slight decrease in fluids can already have
an effect on an athlete’s performance, specifically on the force capability of the muscles. When the stamina and hydration levels is very
well taken-care off, one can pruduce a powerful motocross champion who can manipulate and
maneuver his bike at very high levels at the most stessful of situations. So its extremely important that people, especially
athletes, should not overlook the importance of drinking water and other fluids. This is very vital when it comes to competitions. It can be the factor that can make or break
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