Fat Loss Nutrition Plan for Beginners (HOW TO STICK TO IT!)

Today we’re going to be talking ‘Seven
beginner tips for starting a new nutrition plan’. Hey, ladies. I know it’s that time of year and we’re
thinking “Gosh, I think I want to start eating on a nutrition plan. But I’ve never done it before. Not really sure what to do. I’m feeling overwhelmed.” Don’t feel overwhelmed. Let’s go through these steps to give you
an idea of what to do so you’re not so stressed out. The first thing we’ll think about is, we
want to think about eating smaller meals throughout the day. Eating smaller meals more frequently is going
to keep our metabolism running high, it’s always working, it’s going to keep us fuller,
longer. It’s going to keep your blood sugar up to
where you’re not dropping off midday, or searching for a bagel, or whatever’s in
the break room if you’re at work. That’s a good thing to think about. Keep the portions small because it’s just
enough to keep you full for three, maybe four hours, if that long. Next, eat more protein. I know you hear this everywhere, especially
with people who are just starting to work out. But it’s really critical. ATHLEANXX recommends you eat 0.7g of protein
per pound of goal weight, per day. So, whether you’re going to get that through
chicken, or beef, or however. Beans are a good source of protein. If you’re running super crazy during the
day, maybe protein powder. Just as long as you’re really conscientious
of “Am I making sure with every meal I’m getting enough protein in?” Really think about that. That’s critical. Next, we’re going to stop calorie restriction. Quit counting and measuring. Really focus on getting really good, healthy,
whole foods. Make it easy, too. Just buy big bags of spinach, or vegetables. Avocado is great for your oils. I love buying big bags of sweet potatoes. I will bake the whole thing during the weekend,
skin them, add some cinnamon, they’re in the refrigerator so I’m ready for meal. I just put it on the plate and I’m ready
to go. Next, we want to fill your plate with half
of some kind of fibrous vegetable. Not only is it good for you, you’re getting
your vitamins and minerals in, but it’s also going to help you with your portion control. Let’s say, with a starchy carb that you’re
going to put on your plate. So, if you’ve already started off this way,
you’ve reached in your bag, you’ve thrown your salad together, make it super easy, like
I said. This is going to help you eat healthier and
portion control with those starchier carbs, and make sure you’re getting some protein
on that plate. All right, you guys. We are going to talk about the good old ‘cheat
days’. So, when you have that craving for sugar and
you haven’t had any for a week and you’re feeling ravenous, like “Okay, I know that
cupcake shop is on the way home”, don’t do it. The best way to curb that off is every day,
eat a little bit of – let’s say if you want to put some frozen yogurt in and you
just do a scoop. Maybe with some berries, maybe just do a little
bit of popcorn with some cinnamon. Something to, every day, just feed that craving
so you’re not a freak on the weekends, and go crazy, and you’re like “Oh my gosh,
why did I do that?” So, it’s all about portion control with
that. Just watch it because it is something that
– a little bit every day. Just get that sweet tooth. Even if it’s just a square of chocolate. That’s all you need sometimes. Now that we’ve talked about the food, let’s
not forget about water. This is another critical piece of a diet. If you’re drinking fruit juices or any kind
of diet soda, all that stuff – I would probably say to take a step back from that. They’re packed with calories, a lot of weird
chemicals. I know water can get boring, but it’s great
for your body because it increases your energy, it relieves fatigue, it flushes all the toxins
from your body. It really does a lot of good things for your
body and it really does help promote weight loss because if you’re drinking it before
you eat, it’s going to make you feel fuller, longer. So just jazz it up. Throw something in your water every now and
then. Maybe some lemon, or whatever is going to
give it some flavor. Last, but not least; take time to chew your
food. Did you know it actually takes the hormones
in your stomach to reach your head – it takes about 20 minutes for that. So, if you’re here, just shoveling it in
about 10 minutes, you don’t realize you’re full, and that’s when you’re going to
overeat. So, take time to chew your food. It’s another critical piece of this whole
nutrition plan. Keeping your body healthy. So, I hope those were good tips. If you want to purchase the ATHLEANXX 90-day
program, the ATHLEANXX Meal Plan comes with it. So, it makes all of this super sustainable,
and it makes it super easy to use. Thanks for watching today, you guys. To check that out, check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com. Thanks for joining me and good luck on your

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  1. It's like you were reading my mind. I've been trying to figure this stuff out for a while now. Thanks for the vide

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