Fenbendazole Day 13 (1st of Week 5) [an experiment by a non-cancer person]

Hi, I’m James. This is my Day 13 of taking Fenben. I’m gonna go ahead and take the Fenben first and speak to
you after that. I’m gonna use my spoon here and then as far as the Fenben is
concerned, I’m gonna use this. Actually I’m going to show you a brand new box so
you can see what it looks like. This is from Panacur-C. But, you can get it from
other manufacturers and you can get it from Amazon for a little less than 30
bucks. I think you can get it from chewy.com I think that comes out
to about $18 plus maybe shipping. I’m not sure if you actually
have to pay the shipping. But a little cheaper at chewy.com. However at chewy.com they did run out of stock the last time I tried to purchase
it. Anyway, this is what I’m taking. Panacur-C. It says the
package contains a 3, 4-gram packets. So inside there are three packets like
these and each packet is good for four days’ dosage if you were to take one gram.
It is intended for, over here it says each packet treats 40 pounds…so it is
intended for a 40 pound dog. So if you had a dog and if you wanted to treat
your dog, one packet for a 40 pound dog. But, obviously I’m taking it. I’m
taking one fourth of what’s in this packet. Each packet contains four grams
and I’m taking one gram from that. I am gonna grab a pair of scissors here. Just gonna cut
it up. I… actually at my office, this has become quite popular. I’ve had actually
quite a few people at my office that wanted to try that so I thought they
have been taking my packets and taking the Fenbens for themselves. Anyway
this one contains four grams. I only need one Gram today. I’m just
gonna pour one gram … that much is one gram. I’m going to mix it with
olive oil. I’m gonna use olive oil. Take that… mix it up… let the oil soak in a
little bit with the powder. I don’t knonw if you can see it. That’s what it looks like. So that’s one gram Fenben. And then to be clear, each gram of Fenben from this packet actually contains 222mg of the active Fenben. And the rest of it is actually cornstarch and
other fillers. So only 22% of this packet contains the real Fenben. But out of
convenience I think everybody’s just calling it a 1 gram Fenben. When in fact you are taking 222 milligrams of it. Which is only 22
percent of the 1 gram. The next thing I’m going to take is vitamin C.
This is vitamin C. Before, I was taking a big spoon, a spoonful of a vitamin C, but
what I have noticed through the past quite a few sessions is that
vitamin C gives me too much gas. It gives me extremely large quantities of gas.
Although, it takes the smell out, I still am getting a lot of gas and
also they gave me a very dry scratchy throat. So I’ve decided not to
take a large quantity of it. But nevertheless, I’m still gonna take some
some of it. And because it’s very sour I’m going to mix it in cranberry apple
juice. You could mix it with any juice or water. But if you had mixed it
with just water, it would be very sour as far as the taste is concerned. So I’m
just gonna take 1/2 a glass of cranberry apple juice which I have
gotten from Wegman’s. And mix maybe half a spoon, a little more, just about this much… I don’t want to
take too much of it anymore. Again it gives me too much gas. A little bit Burpee… excuse me.
Anyway that’s vitamin C; and the next and the last type of… well I don’t know…
supplement that I be taking is vitamin E. Just gonna take one pill from
this bottle. It says 450 milligram. Anyway I’m gonna take this towards the end of
my video clip. This is my Day 13 so I have taken Fenben for 12 days already.
And because my regimen had been three days on and four days off, it has
actually been four weeks already. I am into my fifth week of taking Fenben.
This past weekend, on Saturday… which was a few days ago I had drawn some
blood and did some blood testing. I actually should have done it sooner
to give me some type of a baseline, but I didn’t do it. Well that’s a better
late than never. Right… so I have it done and I have the results. Let me read that
out to you. Everything came out okay except for a few numbers. Cholesterol… I
have high cholesterol. I have 205. That’s more than 200 that’s the normal range
So, it’s a little bit high. My HDL cholesterol also was a bit low. It
came at 38 it should have been 40 milligram a 40 or higher. That’s the
normal range. Triglycerides 196. It’s a little bit high. It should have been less
than 150 and the LDL cholesterol… it also came out at
133. The normal range or the reference range is less than 100. So I’m not
looking too good as far as the cholesterol numbers are concerned. And then I
don’t know these things. But the glucose again it came out at 142. It’s high. It
really should be within the range of 65 to 99. Other than those numbers, I think
everything else came out okay… except for two numbers relating to the liver. I
just found I found out for the first time that the liver is actually over
here under your rib cage and not near your heart on the left hand side. It’s on
the right side, under the rib cage. Anyway my AST number… some type of indication
for your liver’s health. It came out to 52. The normal range is 10 to 35.
ALT also came out high at 75. It should have been…the normal range is between 9 to 46… so my liver is not doing as well as I was hoping and I thought I would be
doing better. But, I think there’s a bit of an explanation to that. I you know I haven’t
I’ve never really taken blood samples for this type of testing. So I actually
did not know the protocol and although I did fast overnight… the night before I
took the blood, I actually drank one and a half bottles of beer. I believe it
was Boston Lager which is one of my favorite brands and then I also took a
medication it was a allergy medication so the night
before I had some allergies so I took a medication and then I drank some beer so
that probably had some effect on AST and ALT levels.
52, 75 does not sound good I’ve done some research and you know I’m
not happy with it but is it enough to scare me from continuing with my
experimenting with Frenben. No I don’t think so. I’m gonna keep on doing it. Now
I do intend however to take another blood test within about four weeks so
after my Day 24, I’m going to draw blood and do another test to see how I am
doing. Especially just to see if the AST and ALT levels are somehow, the numbers
are somehow higher then. I think I might consider stopping my experiment. But for
now, I’m gonna keep at it. Continue to do it. As far as my overall health, after
having taken Fenben, it’s good. I really like it. I like where I am. I feel good. I
am sleeping well. I’m collecting more saliva…now that some of the numbers are
indicating I might be diabetic or you know at the introductory level of it or
you know at that at the inception of it. I’m glad I’m taking this Fenben. Because, supposedly, it’s really good for people who are not actual diabetics but
might be on the way to becoming one. Anyway I know collecting saliva is a
great sign. I am again I’m sorry for being coarse. But then, I am crapping good. I go to the restroom, it’s solid and it’s golden. So the colour is wonderful.
The texture, although I haven’t felt it… well I should say I felt it…but not
with my fingers. Anyway it’s good. I mean I go to the restroom the bowel movement
is fantastic. You know it’s… and very little cleaning to do
afterward. So I really like that portion as well. I did tell you about the
sleeping well part. Because I think it’s important whenever you’re taking a new
drug or doing something. Are you suffering from some type of anxiety
or is your body reacting negatively to whatever you’re taking. And
none of those. I mean I’m feeling good. Yeah and I do feel like I have more
energy… it feels like it’s more probably psychological then I don’t know
physiological is that is a word? I’m doing good. So far so good. I’m
pretty happy. I’m gonna continue to do it. I had to reduce my intake of vitamin C..
again, because of the scratchiness in my throat. And Surya my friend from Germany
had been kind enough to point out that it may have been caused by vitamin C. I tend to agree, because on my off days…I didn’t suffer as much from
scratchiness or the dryness of the throat. And when I actually start taking
the vitamin C in large quantities… now that’s when I start
suffering from that. So I’m gonna see how it goes. Since I’ve taken a little less. Probably less than half of what I usually
take of vitamin C. I think I will get to find out if it was indeed the vitamin C
or maybe something else. Anyway so far so good. I’m pretty happy. Actually I meant
to you know look into the lens and not into my screen. But from here on, I’m
gonna do a little better. I’m gonna look into the lens. I’ll look at you straight in
the eyes… talk to you. Probably make my eyes look bigger. Anyway I’m gonna take my vitamin E. I’ll
speak to you again tomorrow which will be my Day 14. Goodbye and I hope you do better. I hope you’re well ; )

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7 thoughts on “Fenbendazole Day 13 (1st of Week 5) [an experiment by a non-cancer person]

  1. Yesssss a new video I love these videos and the editing is great and your skin is looking very healthy I look forward to these videos every time you upload

  2. I don't know if it's right to support your choice to experiment with yourself but i appreciate a lot that you share it.
    I wish you my friend to be healthy and happy!

  3. James:
    Wow, you are looking younger and more alive. I also think you are losing weight. Are you? You definitely look younger. And, your face looks healthier. What else are you doing? Are you just doing the same thing every day as you were before — you start taking Fenbendazole? Are you dieting, working out, or doing something different? You look 10 YEARS YOUNGER, and I'm being honest.

  4. Hi dear James, I ran across this: https://youtu.be/QFR7m7e7zgM
    Please watch the entire self experiment series of 61 days, then we will talk about it. I still have not managed to get youtube to translate the korean channels despite your description.
    Is there anyone that you know of in Korea trying out higher doses for longer periods? What are the results?
    Apropos results: we need to talk about your blood results asap.
    As of tomorrow, I will be on day 1 of week 4.

  5. Your cholesterol numbers aren't that great Jimmy. Review your diet and try to at least walk to get active. You need to work on those numbers. Your diet is #1

  6. I thought you were takeing a bit much if the bit c myself, I take a big pinch 3 x a day, I love how its helping me, just started back today in the fendben, I'll do 3 straight days, I feel I'm getting better, I give the vit c most the credit as I'm only on week 4 of fendben

  7. the clear nasal path is a great improvement….not too mention the other things..that is so interesting…I wonder why, is it somehow reducing inflammation?

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