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HI, I’m Henry Armstead, Bodybuilder, Formutech
Nutrition Athlete and former FDA chemist. Fit Multi Vitamins
A multivitamin is a staple in every supplement regimen. Formutech Nutrition offers a high
quality effective formula we call FIT This is specifically and separately created
for the needs of Men and Women, FIT Men is a MUST HAVE in my daily program
Its a lower cost multi than many others on the market today, Formutech uses
ALL Vegetarian capsule No FILLERS
All you need is 3 capsules once a day! Every product delivered by Formutech Nutrition
is guaranteed to meet or exceed label claims. Every formulation is packed for performance
and backed entirely by years of clinical research and in-the-gym testing. Our POWERFUL and INNOVATIVE
line of supplements is guaranteed to MAXIMIZE your hard work and commitment !

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