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Hello everyone, it’s Florian Poirson again Today in a short video I’m going to tell you about my workout plan I’m going to show you how my training week looks like So it is Thursday today It is 9 o’clock on Thursday morning I’m going to work my hamstrings and my glutes and a little bit of calves Of course, before each of my workout my standard set before and during my workout with BCAA e.t.c You can check in my other videos what I take before my workout Talking about my workout plan Monday is a chest day Why chest on Monday? Because it is my weak point Sunday is my rest day Working this part of you body which is your priority and you want to improve at the beginning of the week Is a great solution As you have much more energy Your nervous system had time to recover Of course, the rest day is a day when, if you are bulking, you eat more calories or you have your cheat meal or something So the next day you are full of energy, full of calories Your muscles are filled with glycogen So don’t be afraid to work on your weaker muslce part Let’s say your legs Work on them at the beginning of the week It is really very important So Monday is a chest day And a little bit of triceps at the end of the workout As I have already mentioned in my previous videos Every second day I work my abs and every other day my calves So I devide the remaining two days for those body parts Why do I do this? Because abs and calves are muscles that recover quite fast So you can train them more often Those muscles are used a lot every day they have high endurance Then on Tuesday I train my quads Note that I don’t work my whole legs but only my quads Occasionally at the end of my workout I do my calves, if I didn’t do it on Monday So it depends on my workout plan I’m sorry Tuesday is quads day only on Wednesday I work only on the width of my back muscles I work the width only. Why? Because I really need to concentrate on this particular body part. More than on any other. So I divide back muscles into two areas On Wednesday I work on the width and on Saturday I work on the thickness I’m going to explain this a little bit later On Wednesday the width, and a little bit of biceps at the end of the workout And on Thursday Today is Thursday and as I said before I work on my hamstrings, glutes an calves Of course during my Tuesday workout I also do a little bit of my glutes As I told you at the very beggining of this video series, I am during my prep period So I need to focus on my glutes too to increase the muscles separation It is very important for the competitions Then on Friday I work my shoulders Occasionally I add some triceps Everything depends on how I feel My joints I have been working out for 7 years So I really carefully listen to my organism It is very important to listen to your organism What signals it sends If you start feeling pain e.t.c It means that something is wrong Don’t force anything You will feel better then and it will allow you progress Because if you have any injuries Unfortunately It often happens that the break lasts one month, two, half a year And you are done So that is why it is extremely important to listen to your body So on Friday I do my back and a little bit of triceps And on Saturday Thickness of my back muscles Again a little bit of biceps It depends on how I feel No ale głównie grubość pleców
But mainly back thickness Sunday is a rest day So that is my workout plan in my shredding period When I’m prepping I have 6 trainings a week And one rest day When I’m bulking I sometimes have two rest days On Wednesday and Sunday Why? Because I need more rest So I let myself rest more So I can work out better And achieve better results Eat a little bit more Give my nervous system a break That is why I have a rest on Wednesday and Sunday So talking about my workout plan On Monday – chest On Tuesday – quads Wednesday – rest Thursday – hamstrings A little bit of triceps at the end Friday- shoulders Saturday – back Sunday – rest It is a very basic way of organizing your workout 1 big and 1 small muscle per workout This is how it looks like basically I don’t like working out twice a day I think it is too much And I don’t think it is effective in my case It doesn’t have a positive influence on my nervous system and my recovery I do it this way Of course If you have just started your gym experience Don’t copy my plan It will be too much Start with 3 workouts a week It can be full body workouts Or yu can train 2/3 muscle parts during one workout Start slowely, step by step There is no point in working out 6 times a week you will see good results even if you work out only 3 times a week for a start Gradually Give your body some time to adapt Ok folks, I hope you like this video Leave your comments I’ll try to answer them Subscribe to our Olimp Sport Nutrition channel And see you in futher videos

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7 thoughts on “Florian Poirson Ep.7 – WORKOUT ROUTINE – Olimp Sport Nutrition

  1. Superbe vidéo ! Bien expliquée et assez complète 👌
    Pourrais tu faire une vidéo sur les exercices que tu privilégies en pdm et en sèche ?

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