Food and Nutrition Management Program Alumna Profile – George Brown College

I think that what drew me
to Long-Term Care was when my grandmother
was at Macassa Lodge. And I saw the passion
and the care that they need. And it’s like being a cook. If you’re not cooking from your heart,
then you’re not for this industry. You have to put your heart
into your work. My name’s Elaine Lazzarato, and I’m a graduate
from George Brown College from 2003, and I took the Food and
Nutrition Management course. After graduation from George Brown College
I actually had a headhunter call me, and offer me a job
at a facility – downtown Hamilton. Stayed there for a year
and then I came to the Wellington, and I’ve been here
for almost 6 years. During the Food and Nutrition Management
course at George Brown there was two field placements that you,
um, had to take, mandatory. One was administrative work,
and the other one was clinical work. And it was
an amazing experience. I got to be hands-on
and actually do a lot of training there for the staff,
and policies and procedures. By working in those field placements,
it got you ready to be successful
in this industry. I think what really got me through
George Brown and the course and the reality of the job
was the teachers. The great thing is,
is that all the teachers had worked
in Long-Term Care, but certainly one in particular
stands out – Lloyd Sudeyko. He was my favourite.
He certainly knows his stuff. He works
in the industry as well. He’s been the president
of CSNM which is the Canadian Society
of Nutrition Management. So that really helped with reality,
when you went to work. You have to be a pretty strong leader
to be in this position. But the challenges are great,
and certainly the satisfaction that you get through the residents
and through the work is unbelievable. I really,
really love this industry. I wasn’t sure how long
it was gonna take me to get a position
in the industry. And I was shocked that
I had someone contact me, and wanted to offer me a job
within three months. I got the job that I wanted,
I got it quickly, and I’m very successful,
and here I am. My experience at George Brown College
gave me a foundation for success.

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