Food for Thought: Nutrition and Brain Health

Hey everyone! so I recently did a
presentation for Andrea Nakayama’s holistic nutrition lab and it was such a great experience. Near
the end of it I got a question I often get when presenting about
recovery “why is it that you, a brain injury survivor, are so interested in nutrition?” Here are three major reasons why you should care
about nutrition if you care about your brain. numero uno! the brain is about this big it consists of about 2 percent of the weight of the human body, yet it consumes over a quarter of the
calories in the food you eat. That’s pretty significant. So the kind of
calories you eat certainly affect the brain. For example, at
least 60 percent of the weight of the dry matter the human
brain is lipid, and eating healthy fats has been
demonstrated to be very important for brain development in fact, when young children are
developing they’re not to be deprived of healthy fats because of fat’s pivotal role in the developing brain and nervous system. And when you’re dealing with something like a brain injury or neurological
condition, you rewiring, you re-learning,
redeveloping, your brain. Number two: inflammation anywhere in the body results
in production what are known as cytokines, which are basically chemical messengers that signal a body to inflame the area. now studies show that the cytokines are
able to cross the blood-brain barrier. which could potentially signal
inflammation of the brain. and that brings us right back to digestion is that
the gut is often a primary source of
inflammation. so when looking at overall health and
brain health, we can’t take digestion for granted. 3, not only does the digestion of food affect the brain, but the brain affects
the digestion of food. this is known as the gut-brain axis: if
brain health is compromised, digestive health is compromised. If
digestive health is compromised, brain health is compromised, and it can create a
vicious cycle. in fact a brilliant doctor once asked me “what was the most effective treatment you did for your brain?” and
to this day even though I didn’t have digestive
symptoms I’m pretty sure healing my gut was a
major contributor to healing my brain. It wasn’t until doing
so that I began to regain a lot of clarity and escape brain fog that I had been in
since my brain injury. The brain’s such unique and complex organ seemingly
totally separate from the gut and digestion but when we’re talking about recovery or development, nutrition plays such a huge role! agai, if you’d like more information check out
my recovery blog at “” Alright that’s
all for now guys thanks for watching and as always thank you for your
comments and questions stay happy stay healthy stay awesome!

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5 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Nutrition and Brain Health

  1. Damn you know more than neurologists, I have an arachnoid cyst, I'm hoping to rewire and be brain healthy

  2. It's mid something I forget, only had a ct scan. I feel I have memory problem and not the best cognitive skills. I have spatial dyslexia..
    Huge guess but in 7th grade I took a cheap shot in football after whistle and slammed hard, on the back of my head. Could have been that

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