Food Myths and False Nutrition Claims – Popular Health Claims On Food

Welcome back to another episode of PG tips Today we will be talking about common nutrition myths and false nutrition claims notifications receive loads of great
content like this video you’re about to watch so nutrition claims with the dawn
of social media there’s a lot of misinformation that gets put out there
with regards to diet and nutrition so I’m just going to try and debunk a few
of those claims and tell you what maybe you could be doing to improve your diet
and also what you should believe as opposed to what you’re being told the
first myth don’t talk about is that eating fat causes you to get fat well
this is completely untrue you need fat fat as an essential part
your diet it’s one of the main macronutrients which is why it is a
macro because it is one of the bigger parts of what should make up your diet
you need fat for production of steroid hormones think things like testosterone
, estrogen. You need it for what is get stored in the adipose tissue just
underneath the skin that keeps you warm especially now we’re coming into winter
time very very important it’s also crucial in the formation of nerve
endings and it forms a myelin sheath which helps conduct electrical impulses
and signals through the central nervous system so you can do things like this
move your hands move your legs and perform your daily parts and activities
eating high quantities of fat based foods will result in more storage of
that fact but eating fat in general will not make you fat as part of a healthy
balanced diet you need fat as it is an essential part of your diet myth number
two eating protein will result in lean muscle gain so again very similar to the
fat you need protein is an essential part your diet is among the other big
macronutrients and it is important in the formation
of skeletal muscle tissue you cause damage protein or free amino acids which
are stored in your plasma and the amino acid pool get signal to rush to the site
damage that then repairs the structural damage and allows you to rebuild and
grow muscle tissue so you have nice big muscles if you’re trained energy yes it
is important in the formation of skeletal muscle and lean muscle tissue
however eating protein will not cause lean muscle tissue to just magically
appear it’s just not going to happen you have to combine it with a healthy
balanced diet as I mentioned before combining cops about protein
micronutrients water all of these good things that help your body work the way
it should and that also must be paired with an adequate exercise regime that’s
gonna allow you to pull that structural damage to then grow and repair the
tissue to get big swole muscles like me it’s really really bad you need to cut
out your diet that’s not true sugar again coming back
to what I said about fat protein refined sugar in high quantities without being
utilized without any physical activity can be bad for you however it’s got this
context specific so your body is preferred method of producing energy is
by breaking down carbohydrates so sugars into glucose which is then used through
aerobic glycolysis to make ATP ATP is the currency for energy and that energy
is then used so we can perform based date arson activities live move and
breathe without glucose we cannot put all these day-to-day functions and all
our organs cannot function in the way they’re designed to function so if
you’re actually cutting but there’s sugar out of your diet you’re depriving
your body of its primary energy source for producing energy so that’s actually
going to end up making your body more efficient than storing it because when
it gets it it’s going to be very little and on from very spot so it’s gonna hold
on it’s gonna become really efficient as it gets any glucose or sugar into the
system at retaining that so that it can make sure that your organs continue to
function an optimal level big myth don’t cut sugar out your diet you need it but
cut back on the response sugars because carbohydrates are sugars believe it or
not they’re just more complex variations so things like whole grains whole wheats
are really really good for you go for those option as opposed to going for
refined sugars like gummy sweets and I’m adding like sugar tea tea red meat is
slowly being cooked in a certain way one of those ways being barbecues or being
flame grill when we cook on an open grill or an open flame we are inviting
smoker to become a byproduct of that cooking process smoke is a product of
incomplete combustion and part of smoke which whites linked to smoking causing
cancer it contains carcinogens which have a
high correlation of causing cancer and mutations that actually cause cancer if
I’m cooking a flame grilled steak for instance or a flame grilled burger I’m
inviting more smoke to be put into that into that piece of steak so the presence
of carcinogens as a lot higher in that piece of meat and then if I have any
that meat I’m now eating those carcinogens which is gonna likely
increase my chance of getting cancer or developing mutations that can cause
cancer big things take away is that red meat does not cause cancer but the way
you cook can cause cancer opting for different options such as shallow frying
grilling in an oven or even oven cooking of far more beneficial ways of cooking
your red meat to make sure that you get the optimum nutritional quality and
vitamins and minerals out of that food compared to barbecuing for instance or
flame grilling worse for you than fresh fruit vegetable
this one’s open to discussion but there’s no substantial research that can
actually prove that fresh produce is better than frozen one of the big
reasons for this is that from farm-to-table you do not know how long
did that that has been you don’t know how many days has been since that fruit
and veg was picked and also as that fruit veg ripens it actually increases
its sugar content increase increase the concentration of fructose and actually
loses more of its micronutrients those vitamins and minerals
whereas with frozen food it’s actually frozen just after being picked and
washed because of that freezing process actually maintains a lot of its vitamins
and minerals as it hasn’t aged as much as compared to fruit that you buy the
ripens and vegetables of ripen at home which also means that it’s not going
through the ripening process yet it stays frozen so it keeps all that
nutritional content in subsequently this could actually be more beneficial for
you for part of a healthy balanced and rounded diet compared to using fresh
produce because you might use it at the stage of the latter stages of ripening
where like as I said the sugar content is a lot higher and if you’re not active
as I mentioned before when talking about sugar that sugar is now I’m going to get
stored it’s not gonna be utilized which can then lead to more health
implications later down the line such as type 2 diabetes so the argument of
frozen fruit and breads not being as nutritious as fresh produce is
completely untrue ok guys I hope you enjoyed that try to keep it nice and
short for you so those were some of the common myths on nutrition that I hear a
lot and I just wanted to debunk those for you guys if you like this video
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