For Girls Who Struggle To Gain Weight

– Dude, hurry up, we’re
gonna be late for the movie. – One second, and (sighing). – Is it cute? – Yeah, it’s mad cute,
it’s just far too big. – Just get a smaller size. – This is the smallest
size, it’s the extra small. You know what, I think I
only need a few more pounds to fill this baby out. I’m gonna gain some weight and come back and get it next week. – Hell, yeah, large popcorn for us. – [Girl] Yeah. All right, just gotta
gain two more pounds. I can do this. – Okay, well, according to your charts, everything looks like it’s in top shape, so I’ll see you in September. – Okay, thanks, well, I have a question. Do you have any tips for gaining weight? – Well, you do have a high metabolism. – Yeah. – To be honest, you’re in the right range for height and weight,
so, what’s the problem? – I can’t fit any thing,
like, I don’t feel like an adult woman. – [Doctor] There are
some steps we can take. This won’t be an easy
task but we can get to it. Have you tried weight
proteins or any sort of weight gain powders anything like that? Yeah? Tried just eating like garbage
foods of any kinds, you know? – Why are you eating so much? – Trying to gain weight. – So, you can just drag it. – You know it’s funny because often people are trying to lose weight. – Didn’t I just see you eat a sub? – Yeah, I’m just trying to gain weight. – Trying to gain weight? – Yeah. – Oh, it must be so hard for
you trying to gain weight. Gees. – So, I’m a doctor, so I
probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but honestly,
have you tried pigging out? I don’t know, you could try
building muscle, you know? Like building exercises, lifting
weights, stuff like that. Have you tried, I don’t
know, getting pregnant? Have you tried a little
bouncing a little boy or girl? – (laughing) No, I haven’t, not right now. I don’t have the time right now. – You’re young, that’s fine, that’s fine. – You know, at the end of the
day, there’s nothing wrong with your size. You’re healthy, that’s
the important thing. Maybe you just gotta be comfortable, huh? Not so bad. (knocks on door) – Hey, Ashley. – Hi. – Why’d you bring that big old thing? – Because I tailored it
for you, so now it’ll fit. – Aw, Ashley, you sweet,
angel baby, come here. – You’re welcome. – Come in. – Where’s the wine? – Oh, right there. Pinot Grig, red, whatever you’re into. – Malbec, Malbec.

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