Forma Stanzol video review by Muscle Research

Hi, I’m Nixon Chong a Muscle Research sponsored athlete and NPC Bodybuilder. I want to talk to you about Forma Stanzol. Forma Stanzol is a transdermal anti-estrogen (aromatase inhibitor). It also burns fat and maintains you muscle during and after a cycle. Forma Stanzol has a new bottle and pump and it is perfect! It only takes two pumps per application. You pump it into your hands and run it on your upper torso. Arms, chest, upper back… A lot of people like to know when to use Forma Stanzol. I use Forma Stanzol year round. During post cycle I will use Forma Stanzol twice a day and on cycle I will use Forma Stanzol three times a day. I have noticed that when I use Forma Stanzol that my estrogen levels stay down and I don’t get sensitive nipples. I have noticed that Forma Stanzol keeps me anabolic and I keep my gains post cycle. I have not experienced any side effects from Forma Stanzol but everyone is different. I have been using Forma Stanzol for eight months and it has been great for me. If you have any more questions about Forma Stanzol you can log on to our forum at or you can comment on this video. Forma Stanzol is available at with free shipping. See you next time.

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  1. this sucks that you. want get this can on eBay or Amazon.if they can sale it then mrsupps should be able to..hope you guys get this back and going soon..thanks

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