Frisky Whiskers | Tobacco & Bay | Beard Oil (REVIEW)

alright guys today we’re going to be
taking a look at a beard oil from frisky whiskers so stay tuned to the intro what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
outdoorsman welcome to another video if you enjoy beard product reviews beard
tips gear reviews and gear tips then you have come to the right place today we’re
going to be taking a look at frisky whiskers beard oil one of the scents
from there now I did a video of the Cologne sent from frisky whiskers I’ll
put a card up top and you can go check that video out it was a really amazing
scent now in that video I did a lot more back story about frisky whiskers and how
they came to be and all that kind of stuff make sure to go check that video
out after you were done with this one today we’re going to be taking a look at
tobacco and bay so frisky whiskers reached out to me after I did the other
review and said hey you got to try tobacco and BAE so she sent it to me and
first off it comes in a one ounce amber glass dropper top bottle and if you’ve
already seen that other video or if you’re going to watch it after that my
only complaint I have with that beard oil was the limiter top now since then
she is going away from the limiter tops and going to a dropper top which is
awesome the limiter top was just real finicky you couldn’t get it out you had
to take the limiter out of the bottle in order to get the beard oil out it was
just not good that was my only complaint with the entire setup but this is
tobacco and bay like I said sits taken out the limiter tops and going with a
dropper top and we’ll start with price price for this bottle one ounce bottle
is eighteen ninety-nine so a little bit above market average but I’m gonna tell
you why I find that it’s it’s worth it ingredients on this are a hub of oil
grapeseed oil black seed oil vitamin E essential oils of bay leaf vanilla and
clove and fragrance oil of tobacco which is organic
frisky whiskers taming the beard one beast at a time 100% natural and organic
conditions styles and tames handcrafted in the USA so let’s get a little shake get up here so it’s a yellow oil and get
the Sun to help me here it’s a yellow oil the big dropper top fools that oil
all the way to the top and to me it’s on the light kind of light to medium I’m
gonna tell you this is probably one of my favorite not probably this is one of
my favorite tobacco scented beard oils and if you could smell through here go
ahead take a whiff take with this is amazing me injustice camera got a son
working all right so this is tobacco and bait but to me it smells like you just
walked into a humidor of fine cigars this is good the clove the vanilla none
of that is overpowering you get tobacco that’s what you get and that’s what you
smell it is absolutely amazing highly recommend this if you like tobacco sense
you can’t go wrong with this oil absolutely love this I’m ready to do my
top 10 videos for the year because this this will be in there no doubt get a
little bit in hand about three drops it’s kind of a lighter
kind of a lighter oil heat it up and it smells just like you getting bottle I
get a little bit of that vanilla on the backend not up front up front it’s just
tobacco and it is it’s smooth it is so good
absolutely loves the scent I cannot recommend this scent enough this stuff
felt amazing in my beard I put this in beard within 5-10 minutes it was fully
absorbed in my beard it just drank it up stayed fully hydrated all day scent
lasted six seven little over seven hours it was it was a full day scent for me
but it hydrated all day I did not when I got home from work didn’t I feel the
need to reapply I did for scent purposes but I didn’t need to reapply for
hydration purposes it felt really good so that’s definitely a plus in my book
this is a jamup oil highly recommend this I do have a discount code for you
as well that’s only good until Christmas of 2019
and that is T be o DM 15 that’ll get you 15% off of your order free shipping and
she will even throw in a few few goodies and freebies because she knew you use my
promo code so I will put that in the description I will also put it right
here on the screen so get over and check out frisky whiskers I will drop link to
the website in the description you have to use that promo code save you 15% and
try tobacco and BAE I cannot recommend it enough it is it is an amazing scent
it is definitely going on the beer shelf to go be used as much as I can when I am
not testing something out this is a truly truly amazing scent so get ever
check them out use that promo code save you 15% and until next time stay bearded
get outdoors and god bless

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7 thoughts on “Frisky Whiskers | Tobacco & Bay | Beard Oil (REVIEW)

  1. Went to order but if company does not offer matching balm im out. One thing some campanies have missed out on my sale due to this issue. I will keep my eye on them and wait for a balm. Thanks for sharing family🤟🏼

  2. I have this one and I love it! One of the few with fragrance oils and synthetic fragrances that I can use. Smells amazing and works great. Mine has the reducer cap, ughh

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